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Characteristics and application of dimethyl silicone oil

Linear dimethylsilicone oil with Si-O-Si as the main chain and methyl connected to silicon atom. Due to the small intermolecular force, the molecules have a helical structure, and the methyl groups are arranged outward and can rotate freely. The structural formula is as follows:


Therefore, it has a series of characteristics, such as colorless and transparent, wide viscosity range (from 0.65 ~ 1000000m2 / s), small temperature viscosity coefficient, large expansion coefficient, low vapor pressure, high flash point, high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, radiation resistance, low surface tension, high compressibility, oxygen resistant plasma, high insulator, shear resistance, film-forming, hydrophobic, defoaming, demoulding, high gloss, inert to materials, chemical inertia, no corrosion and physiological inertia, It is these characteristics that determine its broad application.


Generally, according to the viscosity range of dimethyl silicone oil, it can be divided into three specifications: low viscosity silicone oil 0.65 ~ 50mm2/S; Medium viscosity silicone oil 50 ~ 1000mm2/S; High viscosity silicone oil 1000 ~ 1000000m2/s.

Daily chemical industry

It can be used in cosmetics formulations such as skin cream, bath lotion and shampoo. It has excellent softness and silky feel, and has the functions of moisturizing and protecting skin.

Application in Electromechanical industry

It is widely used in motors, electrical appliances and electronic instruments as an insulating medium with temperature resistance, arc corona resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and dust prevention. At present, it is also used as an impregnant for scanning transformers of transformers, capacitors and televisions. It is used as liquid shockproof and damping material in various precision machinery, instruments and meters. The shock absorption performance of 201 methyl silicone oil is less affected by temperature. It is mostly used in instruments with strong mechanical vibration and large changes in ambient temperature, such as aircraft and automobile instruments.

As defoamer

Due to the small surface tension of dimethyl silicone oil, which is insoluble in water, animal and vegetable oil and high boiling point mineral oil, it has good chemical stability and non-toxic. As a defoamer, it has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, medical treatment, pharmaceutical, food processing, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries. Only adding 10-100ppm silicone oil has a good defoamer effect.

As release agent

It is used in rubber and precision casting, as mold release agent for various metal and plastic products. Using it as release agent is not only convenient for release, but also makes the product surface clean, smooth and clear.

As insulating, dustproof and mould proof coating

After a layer of 201 methyl silicone oil is dipped on the surface of glass and ceramic ware and heat treated at 250-300℃, a semi permanent waterproof, mildew proof and insulating film can be formed. The insulating performance of the device can be improved by using it to treat the insulating device: the lens and prism can be prevented from mildew by using it to treat the optical instrument; Using it to treat medicine bottles can prolong the storage life of drugs and prevent the loss of preparations due to sticking to the wall; It can lubricate the surface of film, reduce friction and prolong the service life of film.

As lubricant

Used as lubricant for rubber, plastic bearings and gears. It can also be used as a lubricant for rolling friction between steel and steel at high temperature, or friction between steel and other metals.

As additive

It can be used as an additive for many materials. For example, it can be used as a brightener of the paint. Adding a small amount of silicone oil to the paint can make the paint not float and wrinkle, and improve the brightness of the paint film. Adding a small amount of silicone oil to the ink can improve the printing quality. Adding a small amount of silicone oil to the polishing oil (such as automobile polishing oil) can increase the brightness, protect the paint film and have excellent waterproof effect.




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