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The Method of Identification of the Genuine And Fake Silicone Fluid

Identification of true and genuine fake silicone fluid:

1. Eye observation: the fake silicone fluid will be turbid and smelly;

2. Test with fire: light it with glass rod or iron rod dipped in a small amount of silicone fluid. That can ignite and emit black smoke is white mineral oil. Pure silicone fluid is non - flammable, odorless, clear and non - toxic when ignited. The ignition point of silicone fluid is 320 degrees.

3. Freezing test method: the silicone fluid will not freeze at -50 degrees, and the fake silicone fluid will be turbid or frozen.

Advantages of silicone fluid:

1. Excellent shear stability. With the function of absorbing vibration and preventing vibration propagation, it can be used as damping fluid.

2. Excellent thermal oxidation stability, such as thermal decomposition temperature > 300 ℃, the evaporation loss of small (150 ℃, 30 days, the evaporation loss is only 2%), oxidation test (200 ℃, 72 h), and the acid value, viscosity changes little.

3. Excellent electrical insulation, there’s no change of volume resistance at the range of room temperature to 130 ℃ (but no water in oil).

4. It is a non-toxic and low foaming and anti-foaming strong oil, can be used as antifoaming agent.

5. The viscosity-temperature property is the best among liquid lubricants, and the viscosity changes little in a wide temperature range. Its solidifying point is less than the commonly - 50 ℃, and some as high as 70 ℃. It can be stored at low temperature for a long time, and the appearance and viscosity of its oil products remain unchanged. It is a base oil which gives considerations to all high temperature, low temperature and wide temperature range.




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