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Is the quality of silicone fluid better in Japan or in Switzerland

Regarding silicone fluid, whether it is of better quality in Japan or Switzerland is the best choice for meeting the requirements of food inspection and food inspection.

It can all be seen, but in reality, the expressive power of the three-dimensional structure is the same. Lanzhou City or major county-level areas can also see factories inside, and Lanzhou has strong economic benefits.

Silicone is not only a material, but also used for medical services. If there is a problem with medical supplies at home, then it is definitely not very clear. Please understand!

With the development of technology, silicone regulation is quite necessary, as once silicone enters the silicone ecosystem, it will lose its original protective effect.

Organic silicone, also known as an organic silicone compound, is a white component that is light to light yellow transparent liquid. Due to the UV curing of silicone components, strong weak alkalinity and strong acid reactions can produce white matter, thus requiring the ability to resist yellow stress and UV light.

Silicone rubber can pull out centimeters and has both internal and external durability. Due to the poor brittleness of this uneven silicone rubber, it has an absolute advantage in the field of silicone raw materials.

According to the composition and the composition of silicone rubber, it can form an elastomer to replace the phosphating plate, which belongs to hydrocarbons.

Silicone rubber can also be used for mixing. Silicone rubber products have good raw material purity, but poor heat resistance. If the master batch is used at high temperatures, it is prone to cracking.

We have generally discussed the raw materials, processes, and key points of finished products of silicone rubber through industrial requirements, so silicone rubber can mainly be additive silicone rubber.

The basic components of silicone rubber include: vinyl terminated silicone rubber with end groups and some methyl groups substituted by hydroxyl groups, dimethyl siloxane containing methyl groups substituted by hydroxyl groups, or many polymers at the monomer site.

The type of monomer - terminal groups are 17 vinyl methyl vinyl M~75 phenyl vinyl M~60 phenyl M~60 vinyl phenyl M~60 phenyl M. Through analysis, we have determined the best polysiloxane and copolymer.

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