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France adjusted the silicone emulsion industry chain last month

Last month, France took two steps to adjust the silicone emulsion industry chain: one was a weakening of research and development capabilities, and the other was an increase in costs. Silicone adhesive is generally adjusted based on the mechanical properties of rubber and silicone oil, meeting MIL standards, and then reaching a mass of 33% at high temperatures. Can new technologies in the rubber industry tire industry become the next trend?

Choosing a good lubricant for silicone oil and silicone wax has a great impact on the lubricity of sewing threads. At present, silicone wax based sewing thread lubricants are the best lubricants on the market. Why is silicone wax like lubricant the best sewing thread lubricant? Silicone wax based lubricants contain high-purity mineral oil or soap wax like substances, which largely fill the gap in fracture rate. The content of this substance greatly damages the stability of the lubrication line and has a certain degree of permeability. When dyeing, it contains high surface metals and waxes, which may lead to dye adsorption and dispersion, affecting the wet friction fastness of the fabric. In addition, chemicals containing fluorine and fluorinated PTFE have strong compatibility, and the content of these substances largely depends on improving the process. Due to the poor durability of fluorinated products, there may be a problem with silicone oil during use. After the removal of fluorine and fluorine containing PTFE from the fabric, a smooth film is formed on the surface of the fiber and has waterproof properties. In addition to the above substances, the performance indicators between fluorine containing and silicon fibers are even better.

Acid and alkali resistant, not modified at high temperatures, not modified at low temperatures. Suitable for various fibers, especially high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, free fluorine grease and fluorine grease resistance, especially suitable for lubrication of heavy industry, butterfly machine bearings, and rolling car bearings.

Anti drilling and anti hardness: When using, it is necessary to thoroughly stir and evenly avoid silicone oil from mixing with the equipment and bearing system or load.

● Glossiness: It is spacious and extremely glossy. If the color is different from the external color for a long time, pay attention to the general dosage.

In addition, there are also deflection holes for butterfly gaskets, shock absorbers, woodwork, sand nailing machines, heat sealing, fish shaped butterfly mixing, polymerization reaction, instruments and meters, automotive precision pressing, electronics for refrigerators, and precision silicon strip molding.

Low pollution: The sealing agent has low dosage, good performance, simple detection, non-toxic, and non irritating properties, and can be applied in 6 fields such as books, computers, televisions, and expanded the application range.

Over the years, after extensive research and experiments, some excellent performance defects such as polyurethane elastomers and epoxy resin materials have been discovered, making them the most advanced materials at present.

In most environments, polyurethane elastomers are formed by injection molding of crude oil, while polyurethane is generated through a large number of reactions or rapid temperature changes. In this context, polyurethane elastomers have a faster water wetting rate and do not show significant shrinkage in their performance at high temperatures.




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