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Take you to learn about silicone fluid manufacturers

Take you to learn about silicone fluid manufacturers. Silicone is a special type of plastic with high transparency, high strength, high temperature resistance, and high mechanical stability.

Take you to learn about silicone products. Silicone, also known as synthetic rubber, is a odorless, transparent, environmentally friendly material that does not contain hydrocarbon groups and has excellent softness, smoothness, and washability. Silicone products are used to fill soft silicone products as carriers for new materials. Various types of silicone raw materials have passed FDA certification in the United States, which can increase their service life. Silicone products are non-conductive silicone products that can be used in industries such as electronics, healthcare, and food. Incompatible with plastic, specifically referring to silicone products.

Smoke, moisture, acid clouds, etc. generated by rubber and plastic materials are all poor conductors. Because the formula of rubber and plastic processing agents is unstable, the processing technology is outdated, including dyeing, drying, dyeing, hair washing, foaming, and no one is willing to leave "control" or "scattered". In addition, due to the large amount of liquids and solids included in the product, the differences in processing technology and operational processes not only affect costs, but also the overall recognition of the enterprise.

Vulcanized silicone rubber products are a gradual process. As a raw material for rubber, it is subjected to strict valve, valve sealing ring, and sealing system to ensure that many important characteristics of silicone rubber products are adhered to. Generally speaking, food grade silicone rubber must be vulcanized to produce a semi transparent material with bubbles distributed inside the rubber. For example, various sealing by-product molds and parts, food grade silicone rubber with oil, white, and steam.

Waterborne gravure ink is a type of water-based gravure ink. It is composed of silicon and various organic solvents, insoluble in water and not easily hydrolyzed. It has excellent wetting, anti-corrosion, alkali and strong acid, strong alkali and all water that can be produced and processed normally, non-toxic and odorless. Water-based gravure ink is suitable for water-based gravure ink, mainly used in fields such as automotive production, railways, furniture spraying, electronic instruments, printing ink, etc.

Dilute to 30%~40% with solvent and use at around 200 ° C. It is recommended to use at low vPH, with a dilution of at least 2-5%.

Chen Gong Nanjing Chen Gong Organosilicon is mainly engaged in the research, production, development, and sales of silane coupling agent series products. The production base is located in Saifu Chemical Technology Park, Hubei Province. The company specializes in the production and operation of organic silane series products such as aminosilane, methacryloxysilane, glycidyl ether oxysilane, and hydroxysilane< Eod>.




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