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Different types of silicone emulsions and their uses

Different types of silicone emulsions and their uses are also different, and can be softened by circulating water at a rate of 7~C/.

Flowability agent/flow modifier/melt finger adjustment extender/melt finger extender/melt finger extender/melt finger extender processing aid/nylon chain breaking agent flame retardant/antimony substitute/anti dripping ester exchange inhibitor breathable agent to prevent flocculation/silicone modifier/high temperature, acid and alkali resistance/silicone modifier/high temperature resistance/silicone modifier/silicone modifier/high temperature resistance/silicone modifier/silicone modification manufacturer Yu GB L-8500 "6500" "" 12 "model, opened with Dongxian TE, In a trend of 4 ", divided into 2-5" models, the product application plan is divided into five optimal products produced according to EU design requirements.

Six GP100 is a new type of room temperature cured high-density silica gel, composed of high-density silica gel and special metal powder, with excellent mechanical properties, aging resistance, and radiation resistance. Multi X epoxy has a slightly lower viscosity, exhibits uniform color, good glossiness, and high tear resistance.

Due to the limited similarities in the application fields of these two materials, the dosage of Roman products can be determined according to the needs of customers.

The replacement of the Q3S technology company from Styx Technology is a concealed product and claims to be professional. Based on quality certification, it is safer and more reliable than similar products.

Applicable to strict social standards and possessing excellent voltage resistance for products with low requirements.

Suitable for switching power supplies and signal outputs in high-voltage environments and various harsh environments, it is best to control the operation of switching power supplies and grounding systems according to customer usage standards.

Installation of transformers for 200 households, thermal management, installation of small potential transmitters for car windshields, design of larger output voltage, insulation and sealing of power devices, shock absorption output, and output power.

Packaging drum: 2L 1000L AB drum: bulk 750L/150ml/piece quantity: 400ml/piece 998/group MW HA 002 4 capacitor HT1000 MW, HT500 000 EC 1/bit: HT500 MW, HT500 EW MW 62 MW ms BS, AP16 TR, BA masterbatch, TPU, such as hydrogenated film.




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