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Is the quality of silicone emulsion better in Japan or in Switzerland

Regarding silicone emulsions, is the quality better in Japan or in Switzerland? We welcome everyone to choose the reason for the bending and winding of the wire harness caused by the silicone ruler buckle, as well as the method for weaving the glass fork tube.

The scribing operation involves making various shapes of boards, which are usually made of silicone resin with poor wear resistance, replacing traditional coatings and offering more options.

These coatings are mainly based on organic silicone resin and are made of siloxane materials. Their structure is similar to that of mineral oil matrix, which not only has high wear resistance of the resin, but also has wear resistant mechanical properties.

The most outstanding performance of organic silicone resin is excellent, as it has many excellent properties under extreme conditions, such as room temperature curing resin, thermosetting sealing epoxy resin material, bonding other room temperature curing plastics, and so on.

China's organic silicon industry has achieved remarkable results in material properties and production processes since the early 1970s. The process of technology has gone through insufficient tests. Due to underdeveloped production technology, China's comprehensive performance in processing, consumption level, market demand, and material application is different. Due to China's significant contributions in technology, but due to demand and cost constraints, the continuous increase in imported raw materials not only affects the types of imported products, but also may lead to price increases.

At present, the fastest developing silicone sealant in China is silicone sealant. Organic silicon sealant used in petrochemical, transportation, refining, synthesis of a certain smelting, sintering, emission, and other fields in the past. So far, it has exceeded 82%. Its main development is from the current 67% to 25000%.

The advantages of organic silicon sealant mainly include the following aspects: 1. Excellent aging resistance, almost never curing. It can withstand the limit and maintain stability during long-term use at temperatures ranging from -0 ° C to+300 ° C. Maintains good elasticity even at high temperatures. Maintains good elasticity even in extremely harsh environments. Even under harsh arc irradiation, it can still maintain hydrophobicity, moisture resistance, and shock resistance, so it will not be easily melted. 3. The destruction of the environment has led to the storage and transportation of sealants to a wider range of environments. In addition, using silicone rubber can also maintain hydrophobicity and relieve mold.

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of sealant? Video lighting can be selected based on the shape and application field of the material through the following steps.

Structural adhesive contains acrylic polymer powder, silicone, polyurethane, room temperature curing silicone, preformed products, adhesives, and sealants. There are many types of structural adhesives with different colors, which can be divided into single component, dual component, single component, and so on. Different structural adhesives.




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