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Dimethyl silicone oil 1807 Hydroxy silicone oil 201 Hydrogen containing silicone oil Hydroxy silicone oil N, N-Dimethyl silicone oil G21 Dimethyl silicone oil A87 Fire retardant adhesive.

Fill with dimethyl silicone oil and dry to obtain five types of silicone. The higher the temperature, the lower the volatility, indicating that to a certain extent, the supervision of feeding workers keeps working hard, so the price of silicone products is affordable. Generally speaking, mold silicone is a solid adhesive, with a liquid adhesive viscosity of 25-700 mPa · s, a hydrogen containing silicone oil of 500 mPa · s, a high hydrogen containing silicone oil with a change frequency of -1000 mPa · s, and a release agent of 500 KG/barrel packaging.

By integrating three-dimensional structures on self crosslinked molecules in dimethyl silicone oil, a three-dimensional structure is formed. The water solubility of the crosslinking system can inhibit the diffusion of silicone oil and control the particle adhesion of dimethyl silicone oil to the solid. According to different usage methods, dimethyl silicone oil can be divided into release agents and defoamers. The following is an introduction to the operating characteristics and characteristics of silicone defoamers.

Magnesium and aluminum are special adhesives that can easily cause sparks and explosions, and the application of pressure relief as waterproofing agents, adhesives, and coatings is important. As of now, propyl silicone oil still has good high-temperature resistance, impact resistance, and weather aging resistance. After prolonged exposure to natural environments such as high temperatures and strong acids, the softening point of the molecules is relatively small, and the amount of mSiO2/2- [2] molecules is relatively small, which does not buffer surface rupture, thus eliminating the hard/powder of the epoxy resin. At the same time, it also has a certain adhesive strength and impact resistance, and has high impact resistance as an additive.

When spraying quick setting rubber asphalt waterproof coating on site and spraying concrete with equipment, it can form '-03'm with good corrosion resistance [238]. Admixtures that promote the solidification and compaction of cement can reduce the application steps, make the concrete more dense and smooth, significantly reduce paving, and enhance the volcanic ash activity of the base surface, making the concrete more dense and less prone to cracking. Poor corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, and corrosion can cause certain materials to powder, especially the bearings and steel wires of steel structures. Due to the corrosion of this material, it can damage the corrosion of waterproof materials. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the rust prevention, corrosion prevention, and rectification of the entire component. The large platform support used for new construction can help improve the rapid setting waterproof engineering ability of steel, strengthen and enhance the waterproof engineering ability. Waterproofing of products such as rock wool doors, windows, roofs, and wall coverings, waterproofing of kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, and wall coverings, waterproofing of new construction projects such as subway stations, maintenance of utility belts, and repair of cement plastering; Waterproofing of basements, underground crystals, and liquids; Antennas, stainless steel plates, phase fork plates, sealing between both ends, etc.




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