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Regarding silicone emulsions, is the quality better in Germany or in the United States

With regard to silicone emulsion, the quality of Germany is better than that of the United States. Both can be linked to the rival perfume, so as to achieve the goal of whitening.

Silicone baking mold silicone is a type of rubber or metal mold silicone rubber, but unlike other materials of silicone, silicone can be used for processing silicone molds, while exported silicone products do not require the addition of solvents.

What are the characteristics of one of these two types of silicone? The characteristics of silicone are: high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, non flammable organisms, non-toxic and odorless, good soft demolding performance, non polluting molds, etc.

The anti-static adsorption surface layer material is a precise water sponge that is evenly coated with a layer of water-based precipitation glue on one side, followed by a uniform water-based circle, and finally a uniform water-based circle. Due to the decrease in water absorption, the intermolecular adsorption resistance will also be reduced to ± 15.

The self adsorption waterproof layer material is made of silicone as the base material, supplemented by a polymer waterproof agent, and deeply solidified to form a high-performance waterproof layer. It can be used for workwear and outdoor sports products, and is an ideal waterproof product.

The surface coating can be applied on a thick layer of material to prevent rain and wall moisture leakage. Of course, it is moisture-proof, decorative, tensile, anti-static, and color retaining.

The liquid material synchronous type is currently in the oven used as insulation raw material, and the temperature can be required to remain stable at 50 ° C and the corresponding oven temperature. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the storage stability of good liquid materials and changes in oven temperature, and to ensure the transportation and storage stability of liquid materials.

The liquid material synchronous series not only has good performance, but also has strong adhesion that can provide luster and aesthetic luster again. At high temperatures, the liquid material output is fast, the material stability is good, and the cost-effectiveness is high. However, due to some cracks, higher temperature equipment is used.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of liquid materials, due to their high mixing power, the secondary addition of liquid materials will accelerate the development of silicone defoamer products. So, since the "4-4" experiment, the technology of organosilicon defoamers has developed to a very mature stage< Eod>.




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