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How can the silicone resin industry not fall behind after the changes in brand and consumer demand

How can the silicone resin industry not fall behind after the changes in brand and consumer demand? The selection of silicone raw materials is very important, and currently it is quite impressive in the silicone raw material industry. However, some silicone raw materials can increase the price of silicone, so how could this situation occur for silicone raw materials themselves? In fact, high-quality silicone raw materials are in the silicone raw material industry, but silicone raw materials themselves are very unsatisfactory, and the prices of silicone raw materials are also strictly controlled. So, in the silicone raw material industry, how can we solve the problem of whether silicone raw materials are really decisive under the influence of silicone raw materials? The hardness of silicone raw materials is generally within the range of 15 Shore degrees to dozens of degrees, and the hardness of silicone raw materials can reach 225/"1" degrees. "It refers to the 10% that silicone products can obtain through a single stretching in liquid," and the hardness will reach the 5 Shore standard, The requirements for hardness and shear rate are also different, and the price of silicone raw materials will be reduced according to customer requirements. Your best responsibility: 1. If the silicone raw material freezes at the same level and frequency, it will lead to the melting of the silicone raw material, aging of the silicone raw material, and a decrease in temperature inside the silicone mold, and even cause the scrapping and decomposition of the silicone mold. It may also cause the mold to be scrapped or scrapped The basic principle of organic silicon food grade silicone solution is strict, and the designated customer solution is strict. Product application technical engineers are skilled in on-site mixing or mixing in the same field.

Clock, 30 minutes, 45 degrees; The temperature and humidity of the laboratory, curing time, sealant reaction time, measurement dimensions, and the stretchability and thixotropy of the glass adhesive.

Correct usage of new material gifts, such as LLDPE human Lisi Chuang'an transparent adhesive/sealant/high-performance plastic with aging resistance.

Packaging and isopropanol/non AGR mixtures cannot be treated with gas diluents, and higher viscosity ethanol is required (without danger instructions).

Do not hang leather labels or galvanizing.

Storage: Sealant, defoamer, foaming agent, fabric treatment agent, including a storage period of 89 months and storage period of fabric.

For Speer DB5-62 modified silicone defoamer, according to market and industry conditions, the new product JK-6700 is a new product with outstanding properties such as high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, solubility resistance, lubrication, thickening, and coating resistance. Especially suitable for new products including sponge based systems.

DC002 4 is very suitable for aluminum containing super strong systems, as an effective inhibitor and monomer waste gas generation, greatly improving the disposal efficiency of environmentally harmful substances such as carbon emissions and flue gas desulfurization. Especially suitable for wastewater discharge.

Engaged in research on chemical additives for 12 years, currently mainly providing customers with advice and technical guidance on defoamer procurement.

In order to better serve our customers, our company is now launching a peace of mind purchase procurement plan. As long as you have any dissatisfaction with the goods purchased from our company within 30 days after shipment, you can apply for a return. If the goods are not opened and the returned goods do not affect secondary sales, our company will handle the return procedures for you to avoid any worries.




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