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Foreign traders exporting silicone fluids, please note

Foreign traders exporting silicone fluids should pay attention.

The key to the rapid development of food grade silicone products in recent years lies in the appropriate carrying capacity of silica gel. What is the key role of previous food grade silicone? How to effectively control the hardness and tensile strength of silicone rubber? Today we will share some knowledge about the hardness and softness of silicone.

Silicone hardness refers to the physical phenomenon of combining parts or molds of the same or different shapes. Factors such as different molds, molds of different shapes, silicone molds of different thicknesses, and uniformity of surface treatment. Ordinary silicone is an important factor in the production of handicrafts, electrical appliances, product design, and defoamers. Ordinary mold silicone rubber is mainly used for product production methods: 1. Product overview includes product certification from four companies: consumption, raw materials for product invention and application, transportation of finished product raw materials with sufficient preparation, and product application market.

Additive liquid silicone rubber, silicone gel and other raw materials; Hydrogenated silicone rubber, silicone resin, benzyl silicone resin, hydrogenated silicone rubber, hydroxy silicone oil, hydrogenated silicone resin, benzyl silicone resin, hydroxy silicone resin, polyether modified silicone resin, polymethyl siloxane, vinyl terminated silicone resin, acyclic silicone resin, high silicone resin, low benzyl silicone resin, organic silicone resin, acrylic modified silicone resin, and other silicone resins; Hydroxy silicone resin, amino silicone resin, poly.

DK-100 Methyl Silicate DK-103 Sodium Methyl Silicate DK-104 Potassium Methyl Silicate DK-300 Modified High Boiling Silicone Oil DK-201 Methyl Silicone Resin DK-301 Hydrogenated Silicone Resin DK-601 Silicone Sol DK-108 Trimethoxysilane DK-600 Organic Silicon Photodiffusion Agent DK-109 Octyltriethoxysilicon.

The Dow High Performance Organosilicon Business Unit (hereinafter referred to as "Han Gao Le Tai") has been approved.

Classification of Bacillus thuringiensis: Used for the production and sales of printed circuit boards (PCBs), glass, metals, ceramics, hard latex, silicone rubber, matting agents, aerosols, softeners, cosmetics, and sunscreen products.

Dow NP-1303 filling agent is a single component, low viscosity organosilicon hydrophobic agent. This product can effectively reduce the surface tension of liquids, thereby improving the matte effect of various types of areas without affecting the transparency of the material.

Antai 1701 Product Overview: This product is designed specifically for personal care and pharmaceutical services, without the need to provide products such as diluents, emollients, therapeutic agents, and disinfectants. It also comes with liquid and solvent based formulations.

Antai 1701 low viscosity organosilicon hydrophobicity is a low viscosity organosilicon hydrophobicity used in emollients, reducing surface tension, and treating ointments. It is a low viscosity emollient and mild.




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