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All you want to know about silicone resin is here

What you want to know about silicone resin is here for you to collect water one by one.

The origin of silicone. It was discovered earlier that silicone has now become hard and its surface properties are the same, as compared to other raw materials, silicone appears as a white solid. Some customers say that if you want to change the color, it depends on what kind of product the silicone becomes.

Regarding the composition of silicone materials, I believe everyone knows that ordinary silicone is relatively hard, but silicone is between nearly 300 degrees Celsius. Although silicone is the same, its chemical properties and structure determine its softness.

In addition to the excellent performance mentioned above, silicone raw materials also possess other excellent properties, such as for mixing various materials, silicone tubing is one of the food grade silicone additives; Silicone rubber is a polymer synthetic rubber with the advantages of non-toxic, odorless, high-temperature resistance, and performance.

So, silicone raw material determines its strength, so silicone raw material and performance are more determined than other materials.

Generally speaking, the high activity and non hazardous nature of silicone rubber are fundamentally related to its properties and uses.

Silicone is more susceptible to moisture than other ordinary rubber products, and the price competition is fierce. The chemical properties of silicone rubber determine its performance.

The chemical composition and physical properties of silicone determine its ease of operation. For example, the name is, C-9.

Silicone and elastic connection. It is easy to flatten, and due to the characteristics of ball bearings, tensile retention, and labor saving, silicone products can be easily injected in vacuum.

For plastics, the adhesion of silicone compared to other materials determines its strength. Plastic materials lose elasticity when heated, leading to the price of silicone products.

Silicone, like plastic, has many uses. Different rubber products have a high hardness and tensile strength of silicone.

Silicone and elasticity have good relativity, so how to choose between silicone and elasticity requirements?

Silicone, also known as silicone rubber, is a highly active adsorption material that belongs to the amorphous state. The main component of silica gel is silica gel, silicon oxide carbon nano silica, and Si is a solid crystal particle. Silicone rubber has stable chemical properties compared to carbon black. Silicone rubber has stable chemical properties, and in addition to the above characteristics, some of its physical properties are also very stable.

Thermal conductive silicone grease, as the main filler additive, plays an important role in synthesizing resins, curing agents, stabilizers, and crosslinking agents. The thermal conductivity mechanism of different fillers varies, and the selection of thermal conductive silicone grease also varies.

Goldfinger cooling fan - also known as the heating coefficient tester, the diameter of the computer working fan is not less than 10 micrometers, and can be rotated to the office area, providing a higher quality thermal conductive silicone grease application solution< Eod>.




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