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Silicone fluid maintains a stable and rapid development trend

Silicone fluid maintains a stable and rapid development trend, which can prevent precision instruments from forming and deforming silicone sealing rings, and maintain long-term use. Silicone sheets have good flexibility, impact resistance, low surface tension, easy construction, and no pores, making them a high-strength and high-strength flexible silicone gasket prepared by practical use.

The silicone gasket is soft and elastic, making it very suitable for wear and scratch resistance in sports fields with vibration and sound energy impact. It can reduce cracks and play a role in impact resistance.

Suitable for ovens that catch fire in microwave ovens, electric irons, ovens, furnace shells, and suction ovens. It can also be used as thermal insulation foam for new energy vehicles, high-voltage energy storage applications, industrial control, semiconductors, optoelectronics, communication, electric growth modules, etc.

Product features: It has good thermal conductivity and can be used to fill the gaps between heating devices and heat dissipation fins. Its major characteristics are strong adhesion, good thermal conductivity, and good temperature resistance. It can be used for thermal filling of electronic components such as electric vehicle lighting and solar energy circuits.

Performance characteristics: It can be used for thermal insulation, sealing, and fixation of electronic equipment such as thermal conductive paste, industrial flooring, and electronic appliances.

Product features: It has high thermal conductivity, with a thermal conductivity coefficient of up to 15-30. After bonding, the two sides remain at a distance, and the thermal resistance is low, allowing for arbitrary bonding.

Product features: Can be used for thermal conductive silicone gaskets, replacing silicone grease (and other silicone containing thermal interface materials) thermal conductive silicone gaskets.

Product features: With high thermal conductivity, it can be used for thermal insulation grease to transfer heat at the interface to the radiator, and then achieve the thermal resistance of the radiator through isolation and reduction of thermal resistance.

Product features: High thermal conductivity, high thermal conductivity, manufacturable and repairable components, reflecting excellent electrical and mechanical performance.

Product features: High thermal conductivity: Ionicity: Weak cationic stability: Full conductivity durability granted for special applications with high thermal conductivity.

Product features: Excellent thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, LED lighting soft bulb paint.

Product features: High thermal conductivity coefficient: Ionic area: 18-66g/square meter (kg/m3), containing special fillers, strong high-temperature resistant paint, and epoxy topcoat.

Product features: High thermal conductivity coefficient: Ionicity: Weak cation stability: Standard thickness of 8mm -20mm color semi transparent film thickness&nbbs.

Product Features: Yuexin Silicone Mold Silicone - NEX-4190M is suitable for mold adhesives of 1kg/65g/60ml size.

Product features: Gray fabric has good soft and compressive performance: uniform thickness - chisel marks;

Product features: Our company mainly produces: lubricating oil -80g latex adhesive - to improve oven performance.




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