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Regarding silicone fluid, is the quality better in Germany or in the United States

Regarding silicone fluid, is the quality better in Germany or in the United States compared to your silicone mud strength.

Silicone products come in various colors and applications. Used for making molds for modern medical equipment such as transparent silicone glue, double-sided tape, adhesive silicone products, baby pacifiers, diving products, etc.

Silicone travel requires physical sealing, bonding, fixation, waterproofing, insulation, etc; If the hardness of silicone is insufficient or relatively transparent, then at high temperatures, silicone fat solidifies loosely, making it soft and time-consuming.

In addition to PC and PVC materials, they also have heat shrinkage, resistance to atmospheric aging, good flexibility, ozone resistance, pressure resistance, good transparency, low odor, good weather resistance of cured products, chemical resistance, and high elongation.

The products of Silicon Rubber Company in the United States mainly use liquid silicone rubber as the main raw material, adding heat resistance, insulation, synthetic fibers, rubber parts, silicone sealing rings, silicone foam sheets, etc.

Xinyue sealant can be divided into two types: one is a single component sealant, and the other is a two component sealant. After curing with glue in daily use, an elastic rubber body is formed to generate elasticity without embrittlement or thixotropy; Another type is modified silicone rubber.

Xinyue sealant is widely used in industries such as automobile manufacturing, electronic appliances, home appliances, machinery, chemicals, communication cables, and various industries that are allowed to withstand slow diseases such as scaffolding falling, wet vehicles, ropes, and sewage; Sealants are used in construction, chemical, electrical, pharmaceutical, woodwork, electronic appliances, furniture, cement products, ceramics, laser carving, ceramics, hardware accessories, ceramics, furniture, and other industries to provide long-lasting protection.

Due to its non drying, non fixing, and easy operation characteristics, Xinyue sealant not only meets the needs of rapid production and rapid sugar penetration, but also can withstand high-quality production methods, ensuring rapid completion of production and helping customers create beautiful handmade tooling surfaces.

What are the uses of Xinyue sealant? Do you know what effect silicone sealant has< Eod>.




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