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Here are four aspects to tell you how to seize the dividends of silicone emulsion

We will tell you how to seize the benefits of silicone emulsion dividends.

CG-5509 silicone suction cup and screw rod for lamp wires, silicone coating adhesive.

CG-5509 LED lighting cable silicone, vulcanization process for injection, elastic rebound of silicone cable, especially suitable for direct use on various modules such as flat panel TVs and CSPs;

CG-5509 LED Lamp Wire Silicone, Vulcanized Injection Process, 135 ° C, 300 ° C, 450 ° C, 1000 ° C.

CSP Nanjing has many manufacturers, so there are always reasons to choose the right type of silicone.

There are many manufacturers of silicone, and their extruded prototypes have different colors, but the prices may vary.

How to vulcanize silicone raw materials depends first on what silicone is, then on the basic condition of silicone and the factors affecting deformation.

The silicone molding process is the final shape of the product, and if you accidentally touch the vulcanizing agent, they are not used properly.

The ratio of silicone to curing agent. 2、 They are mixed with silica gel+1:2, with A: B=9:14 in the same ratio. The weight ratio of silica gel is 10% A: 25=08:11, and then vacuumed for defoaming.

The viscosity of the silicone they recommend is the average of the high molecular weight index values. If the silicone is fully cured, the viscosity surface of the silicone will continue to drip water. If the continuous curing time is long, the respective viscosity can be achieved. 3、 The physical properties of silicone: The lower the viscosity, the higher the use temperature, and the smaller the impact on viscosity. The use temperature is higher, and the impact on microscopic conditions is smaller. The use temperature is higher.

Organic silicon materials have good biocompatibility and can undergo long-term hydrolysis with most human skin, skin, or hair. The method of use is to spray the X-ray instrument directly into the X-ray instrument and then rinse with water. Just spray once, just a few drops. The diluted and mixed adhesive must be diluted, and the thinner it is, the longer it should take.

● Drop a few drops. After a few drops, a low molecular weight film can be formed, which is slightly aqueous and cannot leak. It can withstand 400 ° C-90 ° C for 30 minutes at 70 ° C, with just a few drops.

Silicone sealant cannot be used for steel structures, aluminum plastic panels, glass, ceramics, phenolic adhesives, and sealants. These materials are all good choices for their functions.

It can effectively isolate the surfaces of metal, glass, and ceramics, forming a low porosity, soft whole. Even if the surface exceeds the bonding performance, it may not be able to bond for a long time.

When silicone adhesive is not cured, whether in liquid form, it can be processed through "automation" to make the surface of its cured product smoother and more durable.




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