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Inventory common silicone emulsions

The common silicone emulsions used in inventory are made of anti stick metal casting, produced with A or B agents, with a white surface that is resistant to oil, water, and fire.

Silica gel hybrid chromatography column nitrogen, selenium nitrogen, and granular silica are a two component inorganic silica gel. The performance characteristics and uses of silicone are analyzed, and it is not suitable for use in molds.

The low-temperature sintering method of nitrogen, graphite, carbon, and inorganic crystals will inevitably produce a large amount of curing agent or vaporization due to the polarization of silica gel, which reduces the nickel element to a very high main pressure.

Generally, conventional silicone rubber is mainly composed of siloxane and silicone oil. Forming requires 1-2 silicone curing agents, which increase the hardness and shear strength of the silicone, thereby improving its hardness and tensile strength. Addition mold silicone is an organic silicon material compound with excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, and acid and alkaline resistance. It can be used for a long time at temperatures of -50 ° C to+180 ° C, and its temperature resistance is better than ordinary silicone.

High tear resistant silicone is a high-performance raw material that has been mixed and mixed to achieve high hardness and tear strength. The product belongs to high permeability silicone rubber. High performance, acid and alkali resistance, able to solve the thermal degradation resistance of high-voltage industries, at -60 ° C. Stable and non reversible within the range of 250 ° C, with excellent strength; It can be used as a base adhesive for separating rubber and plastic materials, glass fiber double-sided adhesive, rosin, fruit tree rubber pulp products, and other products.

Avoid direct sunlight, avoid contact with acids and alkalis, belong to non ionic type, insoluble in water, and there are four prices for organic silicon

The special defoamer for slow dry water non reduction cleaning can be added at a dosage of 05-1% according to different usage systems, and the optimal dosage can be adjusted by the customer according to specific circumstances;

Strong defoaming and foam suppression effect, can be used without dilution. Due to the low dosage of organic silicon and excessive input, the cleaning effect is affected.

Defoamers for pesticide emulsifiers are suitable for: pesticide systems, semi synthetic pesticide systems, and single.

Defoaming agents for textile printing and dyeing, pulping, black liquor, defoaming, papermaking, paper making, defoaming, cutting fluid, defoaming agent, water-based coating, defoaming agent.




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