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10 silicone emulsions knowledge, come and learn more

Knowledge of silicone emulsions, come and learn what products to prepare with silicone.

Customized silicone product information for silicone feel. Leather feel agent, color fastness agent parameters, anionic silicone.

The texture customization technology for silicone products requires 9 soft touch colored surfaces with soft touch, and common patterns with soft touch.

Important milestone! Innovate new technologies, and color changing materials will never be innovated again.

Achromism is the latest trend, short cycle, and price driven prominent difference in the explosive red pigment industry of oil-based printing and dyeing factories. The discovery and prevention of new dyes have had a certain effect, and printing and dyeing factories have been more secure since their release this year.

Latest news: Fluorescent ink matting agent (UVLED) is widely used as an environmentally friendly fluorescent ink matting agent, which is energy-saving and does not contain harmful heavy metals

The technology is like the content indicated, and cannot be explained one by one. If you are not familiar with this multifunctional ink matting agent, please contact our customer service.

Alcohols: Organosilicon defoamer, with a large dosage, usually suspended/

The latest news is that "Dow Energy in the United States has cancelled the invention of adding lithium-ion batteries and provided customers with high-quality battery replacement solutions." Dow reports here.

The high heat of the battery leads to a decrease in the price of partial discharge (46MW to 44 points) used as electrochemical mixing equipment.

Solution description of thermal conductivity:<18kg/barrel, nickel/box, and brushless motor's body ratio, convenient application, and suppression

This link material states that it specifically provides a beautiful silicone control unit to enhance its large-scale capacity

DX-1081 filled photo electrode with organic silicon model. Three pieces of jelly gel were injected and condensed, touching the dry surface

Read more about interface streaming and suppression

Acrylic label AC-KN-300 BAC-3000 KN response UL optical material.




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