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High production standard silicone resin wholesalers

High production standard silicone resin wholesalers check the advantages: excellent heat and cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, atomization, and good fluidity. It can be used for thermoplastic plastics, especially suitable for various extrusion processes. LSR, LIM, food grade silicone, PU, food grade silicone, plastic transportation, automotive industry, electronic appliances, daily chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, biological fermentation.

The performance of LSR, LIM, and food grade silicone products varies greatly. Their products have significant differences in surface performance. Food grade silicone products are smooth and have a relatively low surface roughness, while some food grade silicone products are waterproof and soft.

KF-7501 food grade silicone 20kg/barrel, food grade silicone 50kg/barrel, 200kg/barrel.

Silicone has a wide range of applications. HF-7501 food grade silicone, like ordinary silicone, has a 30% lower electrical insulation and far superior high-temperature resistance to superhard food grade silicone such as NTT, Skin, Pad, and BaiODM.

Can you really design a entertainment venue that does not have solid-state deformation silicone rubber?

Organic silicon is a type of silicone rubber, whose main functions are cold resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardancy, aging resistance, etc. It is composed of Si O-Si bonds and exceeds Si bonding enzymes, and the product exhibits properties that remain constant above 150 ° C. It can be used for long-term applications at 200 ° C (-12 ° C) or 260 ° C (-5 ° C) -15. It still has elasticity below 1-30 ° C and can be used as an elastic additive.

Triple A; A certain silicone rubber can be used as a sealing agent for RTV flame retardant X1-PA fireproof coating RTV silicone rubber.

Package in 25L iron drums and 50kg plastic drums. This product should be stored in a dry and cool place to prevent direct sunlight exposure. The effective storage period is six months. Please avoid light and heat sources at a temperature above 60 ° C.

Storage: This product is non hazardous and should be stored in a cool and sheltered place. The storage period is 12 months from the date of production< Eod>.




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