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What is the reason for the difficulty in exporting silicone emulsion products

What is the reason for the difficulty in exporting silicone emulsion products? There is not enough octane.

The regular mouth of silicone self-adhesive tape is considered safe, especially in the production of silicone self-adhesive tape that can be reused. The thinner and thicker the silicone self-adhesive tape, the safer the product. The silicone self-adhesive tape production line provides detailed instructions: silicone self-adhesive tape is a key raw material for silicone products and also a key raw material for production and sales. The chemical composition and physical structure of silicone determine the use and purpose of silicone products from a structural perspective.

The self-adhesive tape is considered safe, and silicone self-adhesive tape is an important raw material for silicone products, as well as an important raw material for production and sales. Self adhesive tape is aimed at the production and sales of silicone products, not only for safety products, but also for silicone products, which are one of the most important raw materials in our product production.

The human silicone handmade model () is a simulated human facial mold that uses injection molding equipment to achieve a soft and smooth effect. Due to the fact that silicone raw materials are elastomers, even when mixed with the same raw material, they still have moisturizing effects, making it convenient for customers to make.

Transfer printing silicone head ◆ - used to make electronic sealing adhesive, transfer printing adhesive head ◆ - adjusts the link between the silicone carrier and the starting pattern by adjusting the electronic printing or transparent sealing adhesive.

Electronic potting adhesive has made great progress, and the data of progress is continuous development. The large-scale technological achievements are the classic materials that humans seek for high-quality, and are the only long-term wealth of humanity.

Electronic potting adhesive also has excellent performance in waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, mold proof, shockproof, salt spray proof, corridor shaped sanitary ware, and industrial fields such as automobiles and high-speed rail.

Automotive, aircraft, engineering machinery, CNC machine tools, buffers, large generators, motors and other body panels, construction equipment and other electronic sealing adhesives.

When using automotive PU potting adhesive, dust or oil stains must be removed, and both must be removed. Dust can be cleaned as needed. When cleaning with a sharp blade, use a toothed scraper to scrape off the PU sealing adhesive.

The application method of epoxy resin sealing adhesive should not affect the thermal conductivity of AS207. Although the thermal conductivity is good, the cost is expensive.

According to the field application environment, it must also withstand the rainstorm load, high temperature exposure and other harsh environmental conditions, which must be solved.

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Glass fiber thermal conductive silicon film thermal insulation sheet is a special thermal conductive material that can be applied under low pressure and has super fast thermal conductivity, providing excellent resistance to high and low temperature protection in a small size range. Glass fiber is a highly elastic and ultra-thin high thermal conductive elastomer, which is widely used in heating transistors, diodes, and transistors due to its high thermal conductivity, low pressure heat resistance, and high heat dissipation performance.




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