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New and upgraded performance of silicone fluid products

The brand new and upgraded silicone crop name of silicone fluid products is also well-known, but this approach cannot be ignored by any enterprise. Its mechanism of action is that it is necessary to know the important properties of silicone.

The inherent physical parameters of rubber products determine their moisturizing performance, rather than other final physical parameters similar to silicone, which determine a company's strength and production quality.

Rubber products have attracted a large number of professionals and audiences in industries such as meal mats, silicone sheets, medical devices, silicone sealing rings, silicone production lines, silicone tubes, silicone jewelry, silicone toothpaste, and silicone finished products, forming a certain affirmation and advantage.

The application range of silicone products on other materials determines the feel, safety, and other physical properties of silicone products, and the best feeling is tested.

Silicone raw materials require higher specificity, especially high transparency and excellent thermal conductivity, resulting in higher thermal conductivity.

Silicone raw materials have obvious advantages in high temperature resistance, super expansion, and insulation, and their applications in various industrial fields have matured.

Silicone products still have good performance in oil resistance and aging resistance.

It also has good operability for industries such as railway, aviation, and telecommunications. But with the constantly changing demands and demands of technology, it is difficult to solve the problem of technological progress. So we want to be able to provide long-term durability for various materials, thereby reducing requirements and reducing material waste caused by factors such as ceramic volume and temperature.

Therefore, in a certain area of Weifang in Shenzhen, the specific material size for silicone product manufacturers is 20.1. Silicone performance can be divided into 19.1, 20.1, and 19. 20.1. These sizes of foam silicone materials have good aging resistance, providing new technologies for reproducible use.

The silicone adhesive mentioned above is mainly made of silicone material. Silicone glue is an organic compound containing vinyl and vinyl groups. These chemical molecules have a helical structure, and their side chains are replaced by hydrogen bonds. Their structure is as follows.

Long term weather resistant adhesive layer has been widely used due to its good resistance to high and low temperatures, ozone, UV, agriculture, and safety standards.

Silicone adhesive has the advantages of aging resistance and high and low temperature resistance. Through a series of changes and combinations, it has many excellent properties, such as heat resistance to ultraviolet radiation and aging resistance.

The adhesive has strong adhesion and tensile strength, while also possessing weather resistance, vibration resistance, moisture resistance, odor resistance, and adaptability to large changes in temperature and cold.

It can directly connect glass to the surface of metal components, forming a single assembly method that meets the requirements of fully implicit curtain wall design. The cured adhesive is relatively sticky, and low molecular weight component silicone and epoxy adhesives can be selected.

Due to the flexibility, elasticity, good insulation, and excellent high and low temperature resistance of silicone sealant, it can meet the sealing requirements of glass assembly and various glass assemblies.




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