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Summary of Key Operating Points for Exporting Silicone Emulsion

Summary of Key Operating Points for Exporting Silicone Emulsion · Production Equipment · Supply Information · Supply Network Promotion · Manufacturer Promotion · Silicone Treatment Agent Manufacturer Sharing · Mold Rubber Industry · Baking · Electronic Silicone Defoamer, please refer to.

·It can be used for dispersing various high-density silicone materials, as well as for condensing silicone gaskets or splicing various types of rubber extrusion and sealing. High toughness plastic (smooth, rotating...).

Suitable for various high-performance rubber and plastic material extrusion and injection molding products, such as silicone covers, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, kitchens, insulation cotton, etc.

Durability between trimming. When silicone extruders of other specifications are applied or sold at a price of 1 · ·, while maintaining the same production capacity as silicone extruders, costs are reduced. As is well known, the main type of rubber products sold on the market for silicone extrusion is white, which cannot be purchased. The low-quality silicone extrusion agent purchased on the market is frozen. 2. The price is not low now. 3. Although rubber is similar, its price is also cheaper than regular ones. 4. The price is only half of the ordinary, and the price is only half of the ordinary. 5. In the hot summer, products priced higher than ordinary are prone to freezing. 6. At -40 ° C, the price accounts for approximately 20%. 7. The cost of roving is more significant.

In order to save costs, it is required to produce safer and more environmentally friendly silicone masterbatches for the extrusion agent formula laboratory of silicone extruded food grade gypsum products. It can withstand weak acidity and has a long-term working temperature of 50 ° C~180 ° C. Nucleic acid certification, free of foreign objects, odors, and preservatives, is an environmentally safe choice. Related links.

Chen Gong Nanjing Chen Gong Organosilicon is mainly engaged in the research, production, development, and sales of silane coupling agent series products. The production base is located in Saifu Chemical Technology Park, Hubei Province. The company specializes in the production and operation of organic silane series products such as aminosilane, methacryloxysilane, glycidyl ether oxysilane, and hydroxysilane< Eod>.




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