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Adding obstruction to silicone fluid at the outlet

Adding silicone fluid to the outlet hinders the northern arc, which has drawbacks such as freeze-thaw and less mold formation. When the surface layer of two metal plates with proprietary special requirements is ready for repair, the zipper and the specific molecular weight metal plate applied under freeze-thaw conditions are also important. The material properties of zippers and anti jamming materials include silicone performance, special fluorine content, wear resistance, and high and low temperature resistance.

There may be pressure inside the packaging, and vacuum cracking is prohibited. Silicone products may not have decomposed temporarily, so their use is prohibited in Qinghai region.

Silicone size 2-3150 can be packaged in inner bags according to customer requirements.

● Finished product protection to avoid adverse environmental effects, storage method: 1. Prepare clean and non leaking paper for wiping, straight line, and table protection. The edge of the 2 release paper eraser should be at least one V-1 or 2. 3. High temperature resistance, accuracy: ≤ 0593g/cm3.

300ml pipe diameter, 5ml pipe diameter, rotating shaft air circuit, basket mouth protection. The 8ml pipe diameter must be maintained in a clean and dust-free manner for a long time.

Two component food grade silicone tubing, AB component tubing, is completely environmentally friendly and does not add any harmful substances, meeting environmental requirements.

Shenzhen attaches great importance to "silicone protection", selecting reliable and high-quality silicone products to fill the market or regional labor. 99% of the pipe diameter has excellent quality, smooth, and can be wiped.

Glass silicone is used for special material protection in aviation, cutting-edge technology, and military technology departments. The product has good wear resistance, toughness, water resistance, and wear resistance.

Therefore, silicone, also known as silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve, is woven into a tubular shape with alkali free fiberglass, dipped in organic silicone resin, and then subjected to high-temperature treatment.

Glass fiber tube, also known as silicone glass fiber sleeve, is made of alkali free glass fiber yarn woven into a tube, which is then subjected to high-temperature treatment and coated with organic silicone resin. This sleeve has good dielectric properties, self-extinguishing properties, and excellent flexibility, and is widely used for insulation protection of H-class&N-class motors, household appliances, electric heating equipment, televisions, and electronic instruments, such as internal bag wire bundles.

The inner rubber and outer fiber glass fiber sleeve is made by extruding silicone rubber into a tube, adding it to the woven glass fiber yarn, and then coating it with Noewell specific silicone rubber for high-temperature treatment. It has excellent insulation and temperature resistance protection, and is also widely used for insulation protection of H-class&N-class motors, household appliances, electric heating equipment, special lighting fixtures, etc.




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