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The Secret Behind the Soaring Prices of Silicone Fluid Products

The secret pad behind the skyrocketing price of silicone fluid products began in the scientific community, including artificial and biomedical silicone tubes, used for food grade silicone tubes. Silicone fluid has certain environmental performance before use. Specific viscosity (25 ° C): Silicone formula characteristics: 1 at low temperature.

Eating high protein can effectively fill heat dissipation and oil resistance, which is very important for extending service life. The commonly used food grade silicone is based on silicone oil, and high protein dough can be achieved.

In short, food grade silicone tubing is an industrial equipment with high-tech thermoelectric properties that can effectively solve heat dissipation problems. Therefore, it is also a very commonly used industrial equipment in the electronic field, which can cooperate with the direction of technological progress.

In short, food grade silicone tubing is an industrial equipment with high-tech thermoelectric technology that can effectively solve some technical problems. In order to deepen everyone's understanding of this type of product, deepen everyone's understanding, and help everyone better understand food grade silicone tubing.

Food grade silicone tubing refers to electronic devices or products specifically used for food, widely used in the control, health, and diverse fields of food. Ordinary high-quality O-ring, with high-quality and cost-effective PV-K, FDA safety, and widely used in the medical industry.

ASD-1760 single core polyurethane pipe is made of high-quality silicone technology, which has superior wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. The yellow wax tube of this product is woven from alkali free glass fiber yarn and coated with organic silicon copolymer. It has highly excellent wear resistance, softness, waterproofing, ease of use, and sealing properties. Suitable for H-rings, rotating N-rings, rubber tubes, rod-shaped rings, insulators, cables, valves, anti slip devices, electronic components, and industries such as automobiles, airplanes, automobiles, and navigation.

BSD-1760 is a pipe made of special high-performance glass fiber textile, which has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and softness. Suitable for fields such as automobiles, instruments, radios, electronics, etc., it can be used for conveyor belts distributed to large irregular spaces, with a maximum medium voltage of 1000V.

This product is widely used in industries such as printed circuit boards, glass, cables, dyeing and finishing, coffee tables, mirrors, bevels, audio systems, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., with one-stop polishing.

Technical indicators: Appearance: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid viscosity (25 ° C)/S: 200-5000 amino content (%) 02-10 Characteristics and application: This product not only has the general performance of dimethyl silicone oil, but also has better softness and washing resistance, especially suitable for textile finishing as a high-end softener and leather waterproof softener. Attention: After the product is exposed to the open time, it should be kept sealed, low-temperature waterproof, and avoid mixing impurities (especially liquid materials), while maintaining silicone grease, silicone oil, and softness.

Wuxi organic silicon defoamer monomer: directly use medium such as electricity, steam, water, etc. to enter the storage tank for dilution and shearing.




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