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Export silicone resin faces dual certification

The export of silicone resin faces dual certification. It is best for Europeans and Americans to recognize the truth about silicone/silicone oil, and they believe that the silicone surface is real. In fact, it is mainly made of silicone collagen materials. The manufacturing process of silicone finished raw materials is used to manufacture pressure-sensitive adhesives, exerting excellent functions and effects in various fields.

Silicone raw materials are used for ordering silicone raw materials. These solutions are customized based on customer needs, avoiding the need for how much material is removed and how to choose a release. The first step is to determine what type of release the customer needs. The distance away from the release is more sticky, and the release effect is better. However, not all purchases in the market can provide release lines, especially well-known products, which are generally imported products to meet the needs of domestic brands. In addition, another release paper is composed of a three-layer structure

There are various release lines available, including silicone oil/silicone isolation agent/coating, coating/silicone oil

The advantage of wholesale release paper is its convenience. Choosing release paper that does not stick to silicone oil can ensure strong adhesion. Therefore, most of our friends choose release paper with more comfort for users

The classification of release paper is based on color, weight, thickness, etc. Different manufacturers' samples, strips, and products can effectively confirm the quality of the product. There are two different types of release paper for different types of release paper. The first type is.

Film coating: Release paper is non stick, and when silicone oil drips onto the release paper, it can easily fall off, ultimately affecting the peeling force.

Double sided coating: Release paper, also known as silicone oil paper or anti stick paper. It is mainly used for refractory material cloth, aluminum foil tape, PET plate paper, and glass.

The main feature of the five grid adhesive is its release force, which can generally peel off the release paper. It can peel off silicone oil, but of course, the release paper will not peel off the adhesive. However, it has a higher cost and a longer lifespan.

However, when the dry air in the cellar, especially the pressure on the oven and bath equipment, is enormous, it is not suitable to use silicone oil anymore. So, use regular paper or gold.

Another major advantage of anti stick paper is its water resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, especially high acid and alkali resistance, which can be used in humid air conditions. When there is a leakage in the house, waterproof tape can be used flexibly to leak from the joints inside the frame, while preventing circuit leakage caused by water contact. Usually, glass glue can also be used.

What is the construction principle of water leakage inside the window? What are the most effective measures taken by waterproof manufacturers to prevent mold from running. Generally, multiple construction methods are used.

Waterproof materials can be divided into fibers, adhesives, and sealants according to the scope of use. Today, Weishun Waterproof will introduce their advantages and disadvantages, and popularize their production process and precautions.

Causing difficulties in leakage maintenance, making the structure and installation adjustment of the repaired house immature, resulting in water leakage and incomplete maintenance.




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