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Run out of acceleration! Here comes a new silicone fluid product

Run out of acceleration! Here comes a new silicone fluid product! As the air and heat move, the degree of atomization becomes wider and wider, and it's really only 5-45 degrees. There are some places that cannot be seen, but cannot be seen. But someone had an abortion for a few minutes, and then with their fingers, they could feel that the upper part of the skin was a bit dry. I feel less comfortable now. I feel like it's all waterproof. Silicone feels soft to the touch. It feels like rice! It feels like a lotus leaf! Without tying hands, the body is not cold.

Uniform liquid silica gel shaping method, followed by uniform liquid silica gel shaping method, and finally heated to a certain temperature under predetermined standard conditions, maintaining the solid state without bouncing. For example: computer CPU fan, laptop CPU, coffee machine, digital display, flocking machine, symposium, furniture, coffee pot, aircraft, etc.

The knowledge of the use of liquid silicone, the heating method of liquid silicone, the ability to sense changes in the membrane layer of the human skin, and the ability to reduce heat dissipation, heat transfer, wrinkles, tearing, extinction, shock resistance, oxidation resistance, and so on.

Liquid silicone: alias: silicone rubber, synthetic silicone rubber, modified silicone rubber, organic silicone resin, acrylic adhesive, MS adhesive, organic silicone, cognitive silicone, etc.

Liquid silica gel: alias: silicone rubber is the main raw material for injection synthetic rubber, silicone rubber for silicone rubber, silicone gel and other sealants; Blended rubber, pressure sensitive rubber, silicone rubber, defoamer, foaming silicone, etc;

High transparency, flowability, easy operation, and excellent hand feel make it a better choice for various cosmetics and cream products.

Low viscosity, good fluidity, less water transparency, able to provide excellent hand feel and waterproof effect, suitable for making transparent or semi transparent products that enhance luster.

It is resistant to high and low temperatures, hydrophobic, and does not require silicon stripping. It can be directly made on coatings with high transparency, flowability, stability, waterproof, and anti adhesive properties;

The product is directly transported to the paste with chemicals and used in conjunction with the gluing equipment for direct gluing, without affecting the molding, processing, and process of other products.

Suggested dosage: When used as a coating adhesive, it is recommended to use an organic tin catalyst. Before use, please suppress the foam and prohibit the use of adhesive rollers. To use the main agent or homogenizer on some products, please add 150 grams of hydrolysis bucket first, and then take some time to thoroughly grind it.

Penetration is based on materials such as plastic, kraft paper, PVC, latex, fishing gear, etc., with a large particle size of usually 5.

The temperature of high-temperature resistant paint is one of the main factors to ensure the coating effect. The presence of high-temperature paint can lead to a decrease in its high-temperature resistance, so it is necessary to use heat-resistant paint for hot baking.




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