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Silicone fluid, we are professional

Silicone fluid, we are professional, and after 13 years of development, our efforts have been successful.

We develop and produce fully automated production equipment and production equipment, with a full range of thermal conductivity series and customized series of products, fully satisfying customers and possessing the resources and resources of customers.

Silicone tells you the reason for the temperature, which is the basis for determining the quality of a customer's product and also the main factor determining the quality of the customer's product. So, for liquid silicone, the quality of temperature directly affects the effectiveness of silicone products. What are the ways to achieve better usage results for silicone products? The softer the hardness, the more obvious the advantage becomes when the silicone product forms a film. When the water resistance rate is increased, the flowability is reduced, resulting in better flowability and better cleaning and lubrication of silicone products; When it comes to water resistance, the manifestation is alkaline swelling, and the decomposition temperature is lower than higher, which means alkaline swelling cannot better resist temperature. When the water resistance rate is below the minimum, some models of products cannot achieve water resistance, and some models cannot achieve water resistance, resulting in quality issues. It relies on stainless steel, FDA or VF-1 grade, which will greatly improve the strength of concrete.

Water-based liquids, also known as water-based liquids, mainly include isolation agents, polishing agents, foaming agents, polymers, annular membranes, fuel oils, anti-wear agents, composites, etc. Although some brands in China have their own practices, they claim to give speeches as' practices'. The best word-of-mouth is Shi Dahong. Firstly, it undergoes various depressurization with bentonite, and the water content is polyether.

Use "micro lotion" - ternary block silicone oil and deposit in 200kg iron drum. It can also be mixed with other powders, with a dosage of 005%~03% of the total formula.

For micro lotion, the ring opening association must be caused by controlling the foam removal and solid content of the material, and the storage stability time for low degree must be guaranteed as shown in the table below. Low end secondary amines and stockpiled materials produced in large quantities are packaged in approximately 0-05 portions. Do not heat and solidify this product to avoid high viscosity.

Qianqiangheji block silicone oil Spinning potassium oil High economic benefit alcohol ether block silicone oil is a linear amino modified silicone lotion, uniform foam and modified silicone lotion, excellent lotion stability, wet performance, suitable for high temperature, strong acid and alkali, high shear force, high pressure conditions to maintain stability, excellent.

Cyclopentamethylene dimethylsiloxane injection liquid YPPY polymer G-whale wax hard base grease transparent analysis oil more+C paint ink makes it easy for you to buy eyebrow height?

Crosslinked fine white light transparent viscous transparent liquid silicone oil crosslinked defoamer hydroxy silicone oil for pharmaceutical use.

Provide 25kg packaging bags for transportation as non hazardous materials. The storage period is 12 months, avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool and dry place, and the validity period is 1 month.




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