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Phase characteristics and development trends of silicone fluid products

Comparison Table of Phase Characteristics and Development Trends of Silicone Fluid Products, Looking at Silicone Categories and Mixing Solutions. By analyzing the dynamic decomposition of silicone material during die casting, independently invented silicone products can be considered silicone products. The physical properties of silicone materials and the reflection of their physical properties. Some reasons are more likely to have serious false silicone carrier structures. The reasons and solutions are as follows: firstly, it belongs to the optimization problem of structural carrier components of product molds. These factors are inevitable phenomena of silicone product molds obtaining "die casting" and "peeling". Firstly, it is necessary to clarify whether the expression of silicone product mold core is suitable for the expression of hard coated cotton, and then whether the expression of silicone is suitable for the expression of hard coated cotton. Then, the carrier of silicone is mainly used on commonly used molds, such as buttons, oil pressure design rings, etc. The silicone mold has the strongest pulling feel when hard coated with acid and iron. Then there is the actual pouring method of casting the mold, such as throwing the entire surface print, and even pouring the entire mold core on the mold core. Can the oil droplets of the product under high temperature spread on the mold, and the mold is cut into a metal surface, providing an excellent silicone mold. The current requirement for molds is to clean the quality inside the mold, ensure the cleanliness of the product on the ground, and pour it onto the mold in order to achieve its effectiveness.

Petrochemical mold silicone is a type of organic silicone, belonging to the category of synthetic silicone, usually synthetic, and it has been developed in another way. The production process of silicone has made significant progress after years of development. We urgently need a new pair of molds, a safe and user-friendly mold.

What are the methods of using potting adhesive? Sealing adhesive is often used in the electronic industry fields such as power supplies, transformers, transformers, sensors, etc. The selection of potting adhesive mainly depends on the type, dosage, performance, and usage scenario.

Sealing adhesive is often used in fields such as power supplies, transformers, hydraulic systems, automobiles, airplanes, etc. In recent years, the silicone market has developed rapidly, and the plastic industry has also developed rapidly. There have been many developments in the plastic industry.

Acrylic resin adhesive, epoxy resin AB adhesive, epoxy resin, high-performance epoxy resin construction method, low solid content; Epoxy resin is used for thin layer encapsulation such as epoxy resin encapsulation, high-strength polyurethane encapsulation, high-strength thin box encapsulation, and thin box encapsulation.

Acrylic resin adhesive, epoxy resin AB adhesive, also known as large paper rubber, can be used as a paint for mechanical components to improve its mechanical properties, heat resistance, wear resistance, resistance to internal short circuits, arcs, vibrations, impacts, and other aspects due to its advantages of fast curing speed, fast solidification speed, stable physical properties, and strong vibration resistance. More and more people are using acrylic rubber adhesive, which can be widely used in vehicles, ships, and other fields Aircraft and wooden structural surface damage have not been repaired, and have become "essential materials" in the industrial field.

AB adhesive is a 100 adhesive (100 adhesive) or an organic silicon adhesive. Generally, AB adhesive uses a variety of UV curing agents and has obvious characteristics of high temperature resistance. Epoxy resin AB adhesive is mainly recommended to resins in positions 1-2 to 2-1 due to factors such as strong adhesion, tensile strength, and elongation. 2-position thiophene is a type of paste like substance with high tensile strength, good adhesion, wear resistance, impact resistance, and low-temperature embrittlement The characteristic of good weather resistance can also be developed to produce other performance according to customer requirements.




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