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Silicone fluid products are selling better

Silicone fluid products are selling better, but consumers have been consistently using better ones at high temperatures for a long time. When choosing this type of product, they can achieve the goal of using silicone oil.

Organic silicon softener is a 450 series product of polysiloxane · polyoxyacrylate copolymer, which has excellent electrical insulation, high and low temperature resistance, water resistance, ozone resistance, and high physicochemical properties.

Silicone finishing agent is a product that is oil resistant, anti-static, and enhances biological corrosion resistance. It is widely used in the fields of silicone NL rings, silicone rings, silicone products, etc. It is a silicone polyether copolymer.

Silicone treating agent is a commonly used chemical material, widely used in lubricants, sizing agents, degreasing agents, deinking agents, reducing agents, rust removal powders, degreasing agents, high-quality detergents, metal cleaning agents, electroplating, surfactants, powder coatings, papermaking/processes, chemical industry, and other fields.

Silicone treatment agents are generally divided into two categories: organic silicone and inorganic silicone. Inorganic silica gel is generally a highly active adsorption material that combines soil layer and water with substances of known surface composition. Silicone treating agent is a commonly used chemical material, which is usually an organic polymer composite material. Organic silicone is an organic polymer compound with stable chemical properties, non migration, moisture-proof, antioxidant, freeze-resistant, heat-resistant, and cold-resistant properties. In addition, there is a difference between inorganic silicone and inorganic silicone.

Silicone, as a new type of material, has a wide range of applications. With the increasing variety and performance of silicone products, their applications in various fields have also become more widespread. Firstly, there are many varieties and applications of silicone, especially silicone.

Silica gel, also known as silicic acid gel, is a highly active adsorption material, which belongs to an amorphous substance. The main component of silicone is silica, which is chemically stable and does not burn. The chemical composition and physical properties of silica gel determine that it has many basic properties that other similar materials cannot replace: high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, etc. This makes it downstream.

Organic silica gel, also known as silicic acid gel, silica gel raw materials can be divided into organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel according to their properties and components.

Organic silicone hybrid chromatographic column • pH method commonly used testing instruments, instruments and meters. B. Square grams contain 28 types of plastic flame retardant columns suitable for use at high temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius, halogenated silicone resin. Test glacial acetic acid with an oil precipitation rate of 99%. Strong resistance to dripping.

Sample testing: used for plastic dispensing and sealant. Unsaturated polyester resin, wetting agent, curing. High strength rubber mixture.




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