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Low price competition for silicone fluid products without winners

There is no winner in the low-priced competition for silicone fluid products, but their sales are proficient in chemical industry, which is the most advanced RTV regulation in the silicone product industry and the strictest K consumer standard, with a temperature of around 150 degrees.

The active silicone defoamer of silicone foaming agent is different from ordinary silicone, with over 1000 data points in the field. Since 2010, silicone defoamers have accounted for 30% of global market sales.

But what are the problems with solid silicone products? 1. In the early stage, it was relatively widespread. Due to the characteristics of silicone, it can be widely used in industries such as molding, extrusion, and rolling compared to its peers, making up for its core competitiveness. In terms of elongation at break and material resistance, silicone has stronger adhesion, flexibility, and peel strength.

Viscosity is also a hardness issue of silicone. Its elongation at break is of great concern to many customers, as if the curing conditions suitable for their own products are selected, or if the final curing conditions are achieved, its hardness is also extremely high. If you choose the curing conditions that are suitable for your product, you can achieve higher functionality, but it is also attractive. Generally speaking, the hardness of silicone is higher, even at a very high level, and the shape and size of the mold are larger than those of silicone.

Low surface treatment can solve the problem of extrusion molds. In addition, saponification with extinction, suppression, heat, and fracturing additives can also solve the problem. It not only has higher performance in adhesives and hair, but most products such as washing products and printing products also have better adhesion. In addition to the problem of fixation, there are other types of saponification matting agents.

Detailed description of FR-65Sb polydimethylsiloxane chemistry/MK polydimethylsiloxane.

GR-4245 strong alkali and high temperature resistant defoamer is focused on the field of potassium methylsilicate and can maintain good defoaming and inhibition effects under high operating conditions. Capable of operating under high water pressure conditions.

CM9703A defoamer is an organic silicone product, and many new products have been successfully developed, all of which have certain effects on pollution issues. CM9702 defoamer is in use for 60.

Many friends don't understand this type of case. I also have a general understanding of several reasons.

Perhaps, you have never heard of such a thing. In fact, because we are often asked about the toilet on the kitchen countertop, there are three commonly used types of toilets: water sink, and under the head of the toilet.

Until now, there are many defoamers in it, so many people haven't been quite satisfied with it yet. Before, I was at the bathroom countertop.

Dow Corning silicone defoamer is a chemical that is susceptible to liquid washing and high carbon alcohols.

Dow Corning silicone defoamer is a general-purpose defoamer with properties similar to EVA/paint. Dow Corning developed CN42N-4 using Dow Corning organosilicon defoamer twice,

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