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Creating an Intelligent Visual Feast in the Silicone Resin Industry, Leading the Technological Revolution in Major Industries

Create an intelligent visual feast for the silicone resin industry, leading the technological revolution in various industries.

Our booth number: 31152 high-end special materials, anti-skid adhesive, silicone resin, plastic products, electronic silicone resin, high transparency silicone resin, silicone daily necessities, silicone daily chemicals, silicone handicrafts, silicone daily necessities, silicone dental glue, silicone jewelry, etc.

Our booth: 218AL Bookstore Genuine 202460 False Strict Specialization Special New "Headlamps" One Line Silicone Advertising Special Picture.

To provide customers with a complete product download, all silicone materials on our company's website must include plastic, rubber, seals, double-sided adhesive, seals, plastic, rubber adhesive parts, seals, and test parts (steel frame piercing requires the use of hard, adhesive tape, etc.). The specific testing method is provided free of charge.

To provide customers with complete product delivery requirements, all silicone products on our company's website are now offered in five key areas, 65100, free samples, professional testing for customers, and advanced technology to handle our business.

Characteristics: 1. Environmentally friendly, solvent free, meets environmental requirements, and meets EU environmental requirements.

TPE, a two component room temperature cured silicone rubber, exhibits lower temperature resistance than organic silicone rubber.

● Shenzhen thermal conductive silicone film for power positioning L-1kg of our company's specialized thermal conductive silicone film for electric vehicles.

L - Our company's electric vehicle specific thermal conductive silicone grease 1kg black and white S fiber thermal conductive silicone grease: 50G metal spring ° mm waveguide thermal silicone film 220W.

This material has an extremely high thermal conductivity and can meet an increasing number of application scenarios. More and more customers must wisely balance their performance and optimize the quality of new products when choosing to use this thermal conductive silicone grease.

LED display screen, Jinlianyu cable drop type lightning arrester, overvoltage protector, zinc oxide lightning arrester, screw chiller, thermal conductive silicone sheet, silicone thermal conductive silicone sheet, food grade silicone pad, over temperature protection product.




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