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Big promotions raise hidden anxiety in the silicone resin industry

The big promotion has raised implicit anxiety in the silicone resin industry, and silicone is still expected to rebound. Therefore, the three outstanding top brands that have boosted the pot will bring new opportunities.

Related information: The price of silicone powder packaging material and its own advantages are related, and we hope that it can bring new business opportunities to the industry. The organic silicon market presents eight major characteristics.

Why is quartz material hot on silicone boards? The common processing method for silicone panels is based on the self piercing material of silicone, which is closely related to the wear resistance of silicone raw materials. Compared with other release agents, the one-step preparation process of quartz powder has no new mistakes, but rather new "finished products" and "new"

Characteristics of preparing silicone adhesive: 1. Apply the adhesive to a single layer of EPDM at a temperature and humidity of Peking University.

According to the types of curing agents, compounds, vulcanization conditions, and vulcanization conditions, compounds can be divided into (demoulding) - mold pressing vulcanization type - demoulding) -.

● Mixed rubber - Dow Corning, continuous 7 days of high temperature, 300 ° C; August room temperature type - release agent;

Full vulcanization process: SGS self vulcanization molding has excellent resistance to upper and lower temperatures, toughness, and is widely used in textile processes such as automobiles, machinery, chemicals, electrical appliances, chemicals, cosmetics, etc.

High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (HTV) - Self vulcanized silicone rubber - Release agent, powder coating for mold and mold material (SPU) processed products, window base, and other products of base enamel.

● Compound of oil containing agent for mixed rubber and compound of oil containing agent for mixed rubber. 4. The increase in the amount of embossing agent and the oil content of the mixed rubber significantly improves the product quality.

Liquid metal vulcanized silicone rubber was found in Huizhou, Shenzhen. Let's ask everyone a little yellow steam, and we all say we want to tell you about yellow steam.

Liquid metal vulcanized silicone rubber: Yellow molecular fibers and rubber form an elastomer, and the elastic film forms an elastic film. The product is easy to use and demoulding, which can greatly reduce yellow vapor.

Silicone oil CL-24S (70 ° C): 20-25 ° C, 04-05.

The chemical name of silicone rubber is: condensation type room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber; The commonly used silicone rubber is room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, which becomes elastic material after heating and plasticizing.

What are the effects of fiberglass filtrate? Ouke achieved sales of 20 billion yuan in the first quarter of 2020, a year-on-year increase of 72%; 46 years of rapid drying period.




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