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Please be careful when exporting silicone resin! The following product names are currently under strict investigation

Please be careful when exporting silicone resin! The following product names are currently under strict investigation. Many customers place all food grade silicone materials on tool parts, pipe fittings, and barrel bodies. It should be noted that food grade silicone materials are very important. After extruding the contact material, it is necessary to always maintain a certain adhesive performance, and the barrier layer fails to achieve the adhesive effect. Although the adhesive performance is qualified, the key 1 is to effectively peel off the smooth surface of the mold adhesive and knead it into shape through operation.

Silicone suppliers have stated that our company can produce many silicone products with good bonding effects. We welcome manufacturers of bonding silicone products to introduce us. Our company specializes in the production of silicone products and technologies, including electronic adhesives, quartz adhesives, pad printing silicone, coating silicone, spray printing, foaming silicone, hot melt adhesive, covering adhesive, building adhesive, screen printing glass silicone, spray printing adhesive, foaming silicone, polyurethane adhesive, bakelite, silicone, plastic, composite adhesive, sealing adhesive, resin, textile rubber, ceramics, silicone, composite adhesive, lightweight silicone, electronic adhesive, resin Applications, additives, adhesives, release agents, defoamers, acrylic resins, sealants, potting adhesives, resins, additives, PCB board paste, hydrophilic; Silicone paste market, including samples, advertising, backlight source adhesive, solar photovoltaic sealant, metal backing adhesive, release film adhesive, glass adhesive, aluminum plate adhesive, IBC and other adhesives, adhesives used in the daily chemical industry, film bonding, film packaging adhesive, extinction agents, etc.

Organic Silicon DK-100 Methyl Silicate DK-103 Sodium Methyl Silicate DK-104 Potassium Methyl Silicate DK-300 Modified High Boiling Silicone Oil DK-201 Methyl Silicone Resin DK-301 Hydrogenated Silicone Oil DK-601 Silicone Sol DK-108 Trimethoxysilane DK-600 Organic Silicon Photodiffusion Agent DK-109 Octyltriethoxysilicon.

By using this new additive, customers can perform hydrophobic treatment on insulation materials faster, more effectively, and more economically. The emptying of containers is easier, and hydrophobic agents can enter production equipment faster and more conveniently, ensuring that mineral insulation materials are not corroded by moisture for a long time< Eod>.




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