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Looking at the Growth Path of Silicone Emulsion Enterprises from the Experience of Overseas Giant Companies

From the experience of overseas giants and the growth path of silicone emulsion enterprises, it can be seen that in the face of the epidemic, there is a silicon treasure being developed in the industry, which has launched high-quality and recyclable "advantages" in the industry.

The green silicone solution is an inorganic silicone made from silicone resin as the base adhesive and refined with various additives. It is a series of organic silicone materials with high strength, high transparency, high tearing resistance, water sealing resistance, etc. Its high strength, high tear resistance, and other characteristics make silicone rubber products unable to "oil out".

But it is important to ensure that silicone products have good stability, as silicone products are easy to stick to customers' hands, just like baby skin, and can be easily extruded into shape.

The placement of silicone is not suitable for the placement environment of silicone rubber products. The placement environment of silicone rubber products can affect their interface characteristics, and silicone rubber is very soft, water resistant, and weather resistant. Even when placed at low temperatures, it can still work.

So regarding the storage environment requirements for silicone rubber products, it is necessary to pay attention to the appropriate storage environment. Most products made in the silicone industry use the characteristics of silicone products to replace other substrates. Generally, silicone rubber is made from silicone products in the market.

High temperature resistant silicone rubber/silicone rubber foaming agent silicone rubber insulation pipe foaming agent silicone rubber/silicone rubber foaming agent silicone rubber anti-static foam/acid and alkali resistant glass fiber hose manufacturer shall have high temperature resistance performance.

High temperature resistant silicone/silicone rubber foaming silicone rubber foaming agent is a corrugated ring made of silicone rubber for the eyes, and one of the adhesives used for lighting silicone hoses in high-temperature resistant silicone/silicone rubber injection molded products.

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