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Why did the export silicone fluid data rebound beyond expectations

Why did the export silicone fluid data rebound beyond expectations and make unremitting efforts in an instant.

Plastic runway materials are international brands of automobiles, machine tools, precision equipment, a collection of machinery, precision, diagnostic, sports equipment, and a system of office grade and medical grade materials, collectively known as automotive silicone pipe fittings. Inventory: Does it match the car label? After reading this, you will see a micro industrial blue cake: a square fence.

Each silicone tube is highly constructed in the car, but this type of square wall with different colors is actually different. There is a limit value for comparing the functionality of silicone products, which is also the meaning of automobiles. Automotive silicone accessories not only have a complete design, but also have the characteristics of the material itself. The color is pure blue, and the exterior design style is very similar to the interior. It can also be similar to other ordinary decorative materials.

Silicone fiberglass tube, also known as silicone fiberglass sleeve, is made of alkali free fiberglass yarn woven into a tube, which is then subjected to high-temperature treatment and coated with organic silicone resin. This sleeve has good dielectric properties, self-extinguishing properties, and excellent flexibility, and is widely used for insulation protection of H-class&N-class motors, household appliances, electric heating equipment, televisions, and electronic instruments, such as internal bag wire bundles.

The inner rubber and outer fiber glass fiber sleeve is made by extruding silicone rubber into a tube, adding it to the woven glass fiber yarn, and then coating it with Noewell specific silicone rubber for high-temperature treatment. It has excellent insulation and temperature resistance protection, and is also widely used for insulation protection of H-class&N-class motors, household appliances, electric heating equipment, special lighting fixtures, etc.

125 ° C heat shrink sleeve, also known as heat shrink protective sleeve, provides insulation protection for wires, cables, and wire terminals. It has high-temperature shrinkage, soft flame retardancy, insulation and corrosion resistance, and is widely used for insulation protection of various wire harnesses, solder joints, inductors, as well as rust prevention and corrosion prevention of metal pipes and rods.

The busbar heat shrink tube is made of radiation cross-linked polyolefin material, with excellent physical, chemical, and electrical properties. Its main functions include electrical insulation of connectors, rust prevention and corrosion prevention of welding points, mechanical protection, and reduction of phase spacing.

Name: Busbar heat shrink tubing Features: high-temperature shrinkage, soft flame retardant, insulation, flame retardant, adhesive; Usage: Busbar heat shrink tubing Features: 1 Shrinkage rate: 2 Shrinkage rate: 3 Shrinkage rate: 6 Thermal expansion coefficient: 6 Wear resistance: 5 Rolling bearings, 2 Flame retardant synergistic effect: about 5 2 Effective flame and radiation resistance stability: Sulfurized busbar heat shrink tubing Abnormal shape Shrinkage rate: 38 mSi/15 Flow rate: 1000 ° C 6 Flame retardant: 1000 electric.

A roll of fiberglass tube, a 2-in-1 fiberglass sleeve, and a 3-in-1 sleeve are all made by bonding fiberglass cloth with polyester cotton or fiberglass cloth. They are mainly used in production operations such as cold and warm daily necessities, refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, and many metal roof insulation materials, such as tower type heat shrink sleeves, talcum powder soft chain sponges, silicone sealant, polysulfide rubber, self melting polyester film, waterproof rolls, fireproof sealing strips, and so on.




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