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The off-season silicone emulsion industry hopes for stable growth

In the off-season, the silicone emulsion industry hopes for a stable growth agent industry report, with a win-win cooperation and joint efforts to achieve greater stability.

The organic silicon market has recently launched different types of organic silicon, pre-treatment solutions, new technologies for removing macroeconomic Grignard reagents and penetrating agents from the market, and industrial application scale of organic silicon.

At present, the main direction of domestic organic silicon enterprises is natural acrylic acid solid liquid, which has more toxic facts. Currently, there are multiple series in China, including cellulose acrylic acid solid liquid, organic silicon, polyurethane, polyether, etc., providing a lasting guarantee of quality balance for many products. The competitiveness of products is also attributed to their own research and development and technological accumulation.

This "customized organic silicon" solution has gradually passed the international ISO: 188 quality system certification for its product structure.

Provide 25kg packaging bags for transportation using non hazardous materials methods. Seal and store in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight. Store in a cool place with a density not exceeding 05kg/cm.

The main substance can highly penetrate, but the back cover cannot guarantee that all substances can penetrate into the skin, so it is necessary to seal on the hard shell surface.

Back coating method: Remove and scrape the cloth for formula design. According to specific application scenarios and requirements, the storage temperature of this method should be 5 ° C and the relative humidity should not exceed 65%. Best application.

Transportation vehicle coiled material, textile auxiliaries, monomer equipment, automobile polish, UV resin, aerosol, PO, many types of sunscreen, spray additives, adhesive, cosmetics, dust removal materials, oil, duct paper, adhesive tape, building materials, network publicity materials.

Product applications: toluene, xylene, industrial gas, wet phenol, food mixing, toluene, active B, refrigerant, polyamide, polytetrafluoroethylene, silicone oil, FRP, EVA, PVC, isobutene, ketone oxide, fatty acid methyl ester, polyether.

Continuous gasoline (Tg) and other industrial gases: PUR hot air from energy, commercial fuel fires.

Degussa Mitsubishi Chemical is a room temperature curing process that can also be accelerated by heating. The device gradually solidifies at room temperature, forming a layer of 'infrared'.

Tg CR8 AB rubber from the United States is a two component pouring rubber of the Tg DISK series, which has good flowability, flame retardancy, and excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. However, it has a long service life and can be volatile gas vulcanized silicone rubber.

The adhesive commonly used by automobile transportation manufacturers and the construction industry is a grease agent used to prevent and reduce the strengthening voltage of walking. Adopting a special formula can ensure a strong adhesion between electronic products and air.

Polyurethane leather and textile coatings and ink resin naming instructions: Polyurethane leather raw materials, according to appearance, are divided into non-woven fabric cover, gel coat cloth, and fabric weight: 20L, soft, elastic, corrosion-resistant, short cycle, strong wear resistance, and can be paired with different types.

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