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Here are four aspects to tell you how to seize the dividends of silicone resin

I will tell you how to seize the dividends of silicone resin,

The product application of Hehe self fixed silicone coating material, adjusting the appearance of Hehe rubber, Hehe surface layer, silicone oil pattern, etc.

The application of silicone coated products, such as those with a single molding cycle, requires resistance to one month or one year and excellent performance. Therefore, the price of these products is relatively high, but the quality can also reassure customers. In addition, the price of silicone collagen materials is slightly higher, and the shipping cycle will be longer.

The application situation of silicone coated products. If the product size is relatively thin, it indicates that the silicone weather resistant adhesive is too hard, because the silicone coating is too soft, which will affect the quality.

The peeling force of the silicone coating can affect the structure of the silicone bag, and too thick silicone bags are prone to detachment due to peeling.

The elasticity of silicone coating can be achieved by using a brush, roller, or polishing car to clean the surface of the product and apply it evenly if it is of flat weight.

The elasticity of silicone film is generally modified by blending EPDM rubber, and the most commonly used one is amino silicone oil.

Silicone sealant has high and low temperature resistance, excellent aging resistance, oil resistance, and stable performance under various climatic conditions. Ordinary silicone sealant cannot withstand the pump and may cause phenomena such as hanging bullets, fish eyes, and volcanic craters.

Structural adhesive is used for the installation of power cable roofs, engineering pipelines, joints, frame components, as well as metal roofs, gas holes, pipelines, nodes, and complex external mechanical displacement parts.

Structural adhesive is used for bonding between components (such as glass, profiles, stones, etc.), with structural properties and the ability to transport the required materials, assisting in fixing displacement.

Structural adhesive has high stress and less hard support. It is resistant to impact, vibration, and aging, and has no rust or detachment on the steel bars.

The planting period of structural adhesive high stress sealant is 30%~30%, and it has excellent weather resistance. It is an important adhesive for building decoration and protection. At room temperature, there are no volatile organic compounds present.

The modulus, hardness, strength, and elongation of structural adhesive are high, meeting your needs.

100% weather resistance is the basic raw material for silicone sealant, waterproof adhesive, structural adhesive and other products. Due to the relationship between its processing process and the environment, its processing process includes two processes: curing and wet curing.

99% weather resistance is the basic raw material for several materials such as silicone sealant, polyurethane sealant, electronic adhesive, and structural adhesive.

100% weather resistance is the basic raw material for silicone sealant, building decoration sealant, electronic adhesive, computer adhesive materials, insulation materials, automotive anti adhesion materials, insulation materials, and building decoration sealant.




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