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Foreign traders exporting silicone emulsions, please note

Foreign traders exporting silicone emulsions should note that although daily silicone emulsions are suitable for the food and beverage industry, as well as the food and beverage industry. And it helps with flame retardancy. The transportation of silicone emulsions is mainly used to improve the viscosity of food and beverages, and to penetrate and store according to the focus methods of the food and beverage industry. The preservation method is the same, the mold is the same as the use, and no toxic gas is released during the production process. 2. Hardness: Softening point temperature.

Softeners can be used in the food industry with high compression deformation performance and excellent flowability, and can also be used in the food and beverage industry. The super tearing and physical adsorption properties of softener can replace silicone grease and other synthetic foam. Silk screen printing ink, an adhesive, and raw materials of gel softener do not change. These are the best products provided by Xiaobian. The method of softening agent treatment is the group treatment in the first part and the component treatment in the second step.

We provide not only softeners, but also silicone containing lotion that are widely used in polyester and other industries. Overall, we provide not only surfactants, but also surfactants.

What is polyurethane softener? Strong adaptability, widely used in processing or dyeing processes. However, due to the characteristics of polyurethane polymers, the high petroleum code content of polyamides is a challenge. In a short period of time, the utilization rate of spandex monomer production capacity is high, and due to poor characteristics such as edge shrinkage, most varieties of packaging materials are unhealthy.

Therefore, regarding the development of polyurethane HD - which is deeply influenced by the polyamide softener treatment process, it has been decided to classify it with polyester knitted fabric finishing agents as follows.

Waterproof agents have excellent waterproof and oil resistant properties, which can completely solve the problem of water absorption caused by prolonged overheating.

When used with other additives, attention should be paid to their physical properties and electrical insulation and other physical states. Otherwise, it will produce harmful substances that seriously endanger the user's use.

Strong oil resistance, unaffected by thermal effects, but affecting moisture permeability, with a short duration of oil resistance.

Environmentally friendly, without APEO, packaging materials without any solvents, with the lowest price of glue: 50 yuan/ton, inferior glue: 02 yuan=5 yuan/ton, oxalic acid, waste liquid, and cold rolled steel plate usage of about 150000+400000 yuan. The total formula needs to be adjusted for shipping unit price< Eod>.




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