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What is the reason for the difficulty in exporting silicone fluid products

What are the main factors that make it difficult to export silicone fluid products.

Flame retardant is a metal processing product and manufacturing method widely used in packaging, finance, hardware, and asset markets. With the rapid development of the LED industry, the usage of silicone thermal conductive pads has also greatly increased. However, it is worth noting that the usage of silicone thermal conductive pads will be alleviated. When the usage of silicone thermal conductive pads is 05%, it will increase from 05% to 04%. When the amount of silicone thermal conductive film is 1%, it will decrease from 05% to 08%. When the amount of silicone thermal conductive film is 15%, the amount of thermal conductive film is 08%. When the amount of silicone thermal conductive film is 15%, the thermal conductivity effect will be affected to a certain extent.

Teflon heat shrink tubing is composed of high thermal conductivity materials and high-performance materials, suitable for scenarios that require thermal insulation.

The A series is divided into: silicone glass fiber cloth and silicone rubber glass fiber sleeve. Glass fiber sleeves are mainly used for glass fiber fabrics.

Smooth edge tape (PV) high thermal conductivity fiberglass casing.

Heat shrink tubing is a type of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber with excellent thermal sealing, dimensional stability, and thermal expansion coefficient, which can effectively support the bending of devices. Therefore, the excellent electrical insulation performance of heat shrink tubing meets the requirements of high-power standards in the field of large-scale heat shrink of electrical equipment.

Flame retardant heat shrink tubing, which has obtained RoHS and UL certification according to environmental standards, marks the successful use of heat shrink tubing as the insulation layer for welding seams in China's main wires and cables, and has been flame retardant under high temperature and pressure.

Nylon cloth sheath polyester fiber sleeve, also known as nylon cloth sleeve, is made of polyester fiber yarn woven. It has the characteristics of smooth surface, strong tensile resistance, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion, anti wear and noise reduction, moisture absorption and dust prevention. Nylon fabric sleeves are compared to polyester.

Product Name: Red fireproof and heat-resistant sleeve is made of high-purity alkali free glass fiber woven into a tube, and then coated with organic silicone on the outer wall of the tube for vulcanization treatment. After vulcanization, it can reach a temperature of -65C-260C.

Glass fiber tube (also known as silicon tube, self-extinguishing tube, or silicone tube) is a commonly used insulation protective sleeve for motors, electrical appliances, and other purposes. It is divided into inner fiber outer silicone tube and inner fiber outer silicone tube, with common withstand voltage levels of 1500V, 2500V, and 4000V.

High temperature casing is a type of tubing protection casing, which is a new product that replaces traditional metal springs for rubber tube protection. As a protective sleeve for oil pipes, fire-resistant sleeves have the same wear resistance as traditional metal spring protection products.

The Y series motor is a general purpose fully enclosed self fan cooled squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motor. The installation size and power level comply with IEC standards, the enclosure protection level is IP44, the cooling method is IC411, and the continuous working system (S).




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