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Take you to learn about silicone fluid dealers

Take you to understand the viscosity coefficient of silicone fluid distributor bridging hydroxyl silicone oil cleaning agent.

Ecotion ® POSS electronic silicone packaging adhesive, insulation adhesive, moisture-proof oil, high refractive hardness, high-temperature resistant adhesive, inorganic silicone.

Mechanical mold electronic resin epoxy resin adhesive electronic resin.

High temperature resistant electronic hard coating LFZ 700 single component low viscosity single component excellent high and low temperature resistance, low pressure wear resistance, high permeability, high toughness, and low temperature flexibility.

PVC protective film coating glass fiber cloth fluoroplastic foam velvet leather polyurethane glue leather coating.

LEARNING/UV adhesive single component smooth primer silicone sealant.

LEARNING/perfluoropolyether adhesive 100g/L sulfur oxygen concentration curing adhesive, electrical contact lubricating grease, honeycomb velvet, does not contain organic silicon.

LEARNING/perfluoropolyether adhesive 100g/cm3 high-temperature and high-pressure resistant insulation paint.

G-585M insulation paint for electronic and electrical equipment, H-grade glass assembly paint.

MOMENTIVE polymer modified polyether adhesive (PSM): a type of polyether with flowability

Suitable for small or thin layer (6600-800mm) products, such as engine control modules, high-speed vehicle drivers, and electronic control units.

In general, high-temperature resistant structural adhesives play an important role in temperature resistance, electrical properties, waterproofing, aging resistance, mechanical properties, stability, and other aspects. Temperature resistance, compression resistance, aging resistance, excellent weather resistance.

Temperature resistance, breakdown voltage resistance, power arc resistance, and no breakdown strength on glass and aluminum materials. Temperature resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, and good resistance to high and low temperatures.

High temperature resistant structural adhesive is suitable for the bonding, sealing, fixation, insulation, shockproof, sealing of electronic devices, the bonding, sealing, insulation of testing instruments, the bonding, sealing, fixation, insulation, silicone adhesive, sealing, waterproofing, reinforcement, and so on.

● Good temperature resistance and high temperature resistance, able to maintain good elasticity for a long time at -60 ° C;

Structural adhesive belongs to the liquid state before solidification and has fluidity. The viscosity of the adhesive varies depending on the material, performance, and production process of the product.




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