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How much do you know about the silicone resin industry

How much do you know about the silicone resin industry? The following is the gathering time for everyone's oil, and we will continue to add here, so that you can directly know the use of silicone.

● Hydrolysis resistance: during silica gel vulcanization, the vulcanized silica gel has no yellowing at -60 ° C -230 ° C, and still has excellent aging resistance.

Transparent: After vulcanization with silicone, the color of the fabric becomes soft. When printing patterns, use a glass rod or cotton swab for cutting to avoid loose printing.

High hardness: Products made of silicone have a smooth and matte surface, with wrinkles and edges on the surface. By touching the pattern with your fingers, you can create a plump silicone product.

Used for making wrinkle free transparent products, mainly for injection molding between ceramics.

The surface made of the bonded material is smooth and matte, with good glossiness, and is suitable for all types of silicone products.

The production of silicone products cannot be separated from the process of silicone products, and the addition of silicone raw materials can cause problems such as uneven dosage forms and apparent viscosity. Therefore, glass rods should be used.

Silicone products are made from adhesives and silicone rubber glass fibers, which are resistant to high temperatures, acids and alkalis, and can withstand long periods of time. Therefore, using silicone products to mold silicone products requires maintaining sealing and striking at high temperatures, and is usually produced by molding.

Silicone products have been available since the production of silicone products, and can be divided into integrated, molded packaging, and silicone products. Silicone products made of different materials have different uses, and the ultimate goal is to have different colors.

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