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Strong return! How to declare silicone resin imported dangerous goods

Strong return! How to declare silicone resin imported dangerous goods! Silicone component closure test - performance characteristics.

Silicone products never need to work at 45 ° C for a long time and will undergo a period of high-temperature operation. However, the processing performance of silicone materials has always undergone significant changes. In this work, silicone is more important than other materials, and the deformation of molds is also decreasing, which has potential in various industries. Today, the editor of Yuanyu Chemical will share with you the different main aspects of silicone materials.

Injection molded product structure mold with increased high hardness and transparent silicone product color. The size sample has good mechanical performance, good sealing performance, and convenient grip.

Silicone will be increasingly used in the coming years, and we often choose corresponding silicone products based on market demand. Today, Yuanyu Chemical will tell you how to distinguish its basic knowledge. 1、 The process of demolding is quite clear, but it is still important to understand their components and techniques. 1、 Before dismantling the mold, we need to first understand what silicone is.

Frequently, personnel use silicone to grip the hot compress cavity and silicone oil fan for tactile sensation, and then seal it into the mold cavity with a liquid container, using flat pressure vulcanized silicone products. Due to high temperature resistance requirements, it is difficult to mix silicone and silicone rubber. So generally, silicone and silicone rubber are different. The basic curing time of vulcanized rubber is 30-40 minutes, and the curing time of vulcanized rubber is even tens of seconds.

Silicone tube extrusion is sufficient, but relatively speaking, silicone tube extrusion is a more complex problem. The original model of extruded silicone rubber can be divided into three different degrees.

a. Depending on the situation, the general viscosity is 2 × 3mm shape, for example, at 15mm, 25-35 × If the 5mm appearance is true or false, the silicone rubber on the surface cannot stick.

B. Identification: ★) 15 × 20mm, which is the reference thickness, can solidify into a rubber variety.

H. Packaging: This product is packaged in 50-120kg plastic barrels and 200kg galvanized iron barrels.

u. Storage: This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated, and dry place below 0 ° C, sealed, and away from sparks and heat sources.

u. This product should be stored in a well sealed warehouse, with packaging and storage of lauric acid, strong and tough main agent, and components A and B.

u. This product should be stored in a warehouse with strong sealing and good decorative appearance. Keep away from sparks and heat sources, store in packaging that is far away, and store in packaging that is closer.

u. This product is easy to construct and can be directly mixed with raw materials, then sprayed and mixed into a paste. After sticking to the surface of the substrate to form a colloid, it can be diluted with water to form a paste

u. This product is non-toxic, has good ductility, wettability, and does not contain chloride ions. Recommend baking at 250 ° C for 30 minutes to solidify into a film, and baking at 80 ° C for 204 ° C.

This product is packaged in 200kg iron drums, sealed for storage, and precautions for transportation.




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