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Make creating high-quality silicone fluid products the top priority

Creating high-quality silicone fluid products is the first priority. The first is to look at the product label, and the presence or absence of a label is the second important aspect. When searching for silicone components, it is necessary to first consider the properties of the product. Silicone is an acrylic polymer with a high molecular weight.

The name for silicone is: apply a latex mixture of A latex and RTV-2 onto the surface of the silicone, and then combine the two pores. The advantages of both fabrics are: curing reaction, which can integrate the adhesive material. Another name for A latex is to obtain a uniform adhesive material and try to add it as evenly as possible, as long as the operator's console is not of the same size; The term 'B' refers to rubber material, which requires the operator to operate it both incompletely and effectively, making it safer to operate. But silicone cannot, how to order the heat generated by the supporting electronic circuits.

Environmentally friendly silicone is a universal silicone sealant for all seasons, and attention should be paid when using it. Under high humidity, high humidity, and high temperature resistance conditions, power supply products are used normally, so the thermal conductivity of silicone must be higher than that of thermal conductive silicone. However, in the late 1970s, the slow reaction of metal silicon sealant led to a decrease in the number of electronic product packaging and promotion, fully meeting environmental requirements. It is understood that the thermal conductivity and light transmittance of general silicone are lower than those of thermal conductive silicone sheets.

Thermal conductive silicone sheet is a new type of material developed in the heat dissipation adhesive market. It is mainly composed of silicone base adhesive, thermal conductive powder, insulation powder, thermal conductive adhesive, insulation, shockproof adhesive, thermal conductive self-adhesive adhesive, thermal conductive silicone, thermal conductive potting adhesive, and other raw materials;

The function of thermal conductive silicone grease is to fill the gap between the heating device and the heat sink, so the thinner the application, the better. Many friends intentionally coated the processor with a thick layer, but in fact, the thicker the layer, the worse the thermal conductivity, and it is also prone to bubbles and other effects on performance. A better application tool is hard polyester plastic sheets, such as transparent packaging for products or transparent sheets used in slide projectors. Use scissors to cut a long strip that is slightly wider than the processor.

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