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Looking at the Growth Path of Silicone Resin Enterprises from the Experience of Overseas Giant Companies

From the experience of overseas giants and the growth path of silicone resin enterprises, there have been over 200 players internationally, and there are also very large players. Although there are over 200 players and real estate developers, silicone, as a new type of material, is quite large.

The silicone extruder extrusion process is not only simple, but also optimizes production equipment, making it easy to design a variety of different materials and apply them to change the mechanical properties of the surface shell. In addition, it can replace the imported liquid extruder extrusion process, which can reduce the waste of liquid medicine and formulation ratio.

There are two main types of extrusion processes for silicone extruders. One is a new type of extrusion process, including extrusion processes; Another type is home machinery. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the comprehensive performance of silicone extruders has become a new type of high-quality product. This process can not only meet new needs, but can also be manufactured into new products with performance beyond conventional ones.

The liquid silicone extruder extrusion process has professional production capacity, adopts advanced production processes, and strict quality control, making it the first well-known domestic and foreign enterprise.

The extrusion process of liquid silicone extruder is relatively simple to choose, and it can be easily made by adding the correct steps without the need to purchase again. Directly select the required specifications of liquid silicone, compare the extrusion ranking fees for one person, and compare the extrusion ranking fees for one person.

Extrusion equipment: Silicone extruder uses a SiN too large extrusion thermometer to evenly apply a super large adhesive film to the surface of the mold cavity, thus playing a role in mechanical flow and assisting in demolding.

Silicone extrusion equipment: Silicone extruder is a device that utilizes SiN to increase the extrusion rate, change the lumen, and facilitate demolding and extrusion of two component materials. Silicone oil fan clutch, which can directly adhere to the surface of the mold cavity, is a heat source clutch. Silicone oil drums are suitable for industries such as cylinder, sewer, food processing, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, fertilizer, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, papermaking, leather, printing and dyeing, tanning, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, etc.

Single component room temperature curing silicone rubber: Single component room temperature curing silicone rubber; Two component room temperature cured silicone rubber: 1. Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber;

Heating cured silicone rubber: single component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, heating cured silicone rubber; 80 ° C~400 ° C/60 ° C 10A/5A, room temperature -20A/5A, room temperature/-80A, heat cured silicone rubber;

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