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New regulations for exporting silicone fluids

Organic silica gel refers to a compound containing Si-C bonds and at least one organic group directly connected to silicon atoms, which has unique self affinity and affinity properties. Therefore, it has a unique self connecting structure, ultra softness, ultra smoothness, and shape, with unique safety, paste like, fixed bending noise, vulcanized rubber, rubber polymerization after leveling, elastomer, and glass elasticity.

RTV silicone board replaces bolts, plastic metal PE plastic frame, magnesium alloy halogen-free flame retardant pipe, silicone pipe is a special polymer insulation material made of silicone material, halogen-free flame retardant, and polyester.

RTV silicone rubber board instead of bolts is usually obtained by using silicone rubber insulation products and adding strengthening agents, flame retardants, cross-linking agents, and accelerators.

Solid state pipe, also known as tubular ring, is a silicone rubber insulated product designed for use in pipelines between pipelines and self exhaust pipe joints, with the addition of strengthening agents and cross-linking agents to increase the diameter. It is the responsibility of pipeline business and pipeline management personnel for the overall pipeline of this product.

Nickel ammonium hydride passivation device, sodium cobalt oxide, sodium nitrite, aluminum nickel ammonium hydride passivation device, rare earth calcium, titanium alloy, lithium salt, sodium cobalt oxide, lithium antimony phosphate, cobalt feed calcium, lithium salt, cobalt and lithium salt, etc.

Heat shrink tubing (fiberglass tubing), also known as fiberglass tubing, is an insulating product made from fiberglass tubing. It is woven into a tubular shape using fiberglass and coated with silicone resin for high-temperature treatment.

Silicone fiberglass tube, also known as silicone fiberglass sleeve, is made of alkali free fiberglass yarn woven into a tube, which is then subjected to high-temperature treatment and coated with organic silicone resin. This sleeve has good dielectric properties, self-extinguishing properties, and excellent flexibility, and is widely used for insulation protection of H-class&N-class motors, household appliances, electric heating equipment, televisions, and electronic instruments, such as internal bag wire bundles.

The inner rubber and outer fiber glass fiber sleeve is made by extruding silicone rubber into a tube, adding it to the woven glass fiber yarn, and then coating it with Noewell specific silicone rubber for high-temperature treatment. It has excellent insulation and temperature resistance protection, and is also widely used for insulation protection of H-class&N-class motors, household appliances, electric heating equipment, special lighting fixtures, etc.

125 ° C heat shrink sleeve, also known as heat shrink protective sleeve, provides insulation protection for wires, cables, and wire terminals. It has high-temperature shrinkage, soft flame retardancy, insulation and corrosion resistance, and is widely used for insulation protection of various wire harnesses, solder joints, inductors, as well as rust prevention and corrosion prevention of metal pipes and rods.




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