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Creating an Intelligent Visual Feast in the Silicone Emulsion Industry, Leading the Technological Revolution in Major Industries

Create an intelligent visual feast for the silicone emulsion industry, leading the technological revolution in various industries.

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Provide resin/mold resin for mold production, long-lasting composite materials for molds, and release agents;

Committed to the development and production of materials such as plastic, rubber, asphalt, wood, and other related industries and cooperation matters;

The company's products are widely used in plastic, fiber resin, glass fiber as substrates and the daily chemical industry, and various auxiliary materials such as additives, flame retardants, defoamers, leveling agents, etc. are added in detail;

Propose and analyze the company's product process flow and qualified production capacity based on customer needs;

The selection of resin production methods includes: preferred polyethylene wax, wax 1-3%, and the best manufacturer.

After a new thought, we asked the manager how to purchase silicone and how to correctly develop the market for silicone?

Wear resistance: Suitable for various rough surfaces, excellent wear resistance and adhesion. Typical application: Suitable for surface joints of various wear-resistant stainless steel, aluminum, tinplate, cranes, electromechanical, electrical, mechanical and other steel structures.

Friction resistance: Silicone sealant can have good adhesion at a high temperature of 76 ° C, while ensuring the filling of gaps.

Modification: Excellent adhesion, stable adhesion, ensuring filling of gaps, aluminum, metal, galvanized steel plate, hot melt adhesive, modified nylon hot melt adhesive, ABS, PC, PS, ABS, PA, ABS, PI, ABS/ABS, PA, PC/ABS, ABS/PA, PET/ABS.

Applicability: It has good adhesion within a certain range, and can maintain good adhesion strength at high bonding temperatures.

Integrity: This product is composed of special surfactants with high chemical stability,

Excellent electrical performance, softness, compressibility, and radiation properties can replace both metal and glass.

Easy to operate, non-toxic, corrosion-free, environmentally friendly, and can replace adhesives for metals and glass.

Glass adhesive is a material with good adhesion performance, which is mainly characterized by good adhesion and curing.

Usage: Provide strength related tests as needed, based on adhesive viscosity, temperature, and time.

The hardened adhesive has a displacement ability of squeezing out one-third to 40 minutes.

The adhesive has good bonding performance and aging resistance, and will not dry over time or waste resources.

Excellent waterproof and sealing performance, flame retardant performance, can be used for sealing and waterproofing of metal, glass, ceramics, glass, aluminum alloy, wood and other substrates.




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