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Don't step on the pitfall in the title of silicone fluid products

Don't step on this pitfall in the title of silicone fluid products. It's not that the foot pad is wear-resistant, but that the ball pad is combined with the heat and light of the sun to make it.

-Silicone foam nylon foam adhesive silicone sealing strip PCT adhesive silicone sealing strip block adhesive.

-Silicone double-sided adhesive conductive adhesive, 5G conductive adhesive, silver copper conductive adhesive, nickel carbon conductive adhesive, silver nickel conductive adhesive.

Foam is made of foam tin paper as the base material, covered with organic silicon lotion, impregnated, pore formed, mildew proof, corrosion proof, etc. It has good weather aging resistance and is widely used in building decoration.

Apply good blue material on one side of the foam and carefully splash it onto the adhesive material. The blue material undergoes minimal adsorption and is then dripped onto the adhered material, resulting in an uneven and glossy surface. Like a transparent plastic surface, it makes the surface of the adhesive material smoother, more comfortable, and more beautiful.

Cleaning method: The above operations can be done in advance with a brush, drum, or drum to achieve better cleaning effect and usage value.

It can be used repeatedly. For cleaned products, other grades such as stainless steel, stone, and other products have no color filling on the surface, which affects the use effect and the matching of the final product.

Usage: It can be used for cleaning products with low concentration, low temperature, and high humidity, such as fans, slow drying cabinets, dryers, coffee pots, coal-fired machines, fluorescent accelerators, etc.

● Sorting and processing process: It can be added to the original foundation, so it can replace fluorine rubber as the main auxiliary material for durable products (such as fluorine silicone, silicon rubber, etc.). If you find a "white" change, remove any signs of color difference, powdery spots, etc. from the system, please wipe them off with clean paper or a clean towel

The strength and drying time of the finished fabric are generally 20-30 minutes.

● Air drying: degreased cotton or accumulated dripping silk, moisten with cotton dipped in water according to a certain ratio, and then bake to room temperature.

It is recommended to adjust the cleanliness of the sample according to customer requirements.

The degree of softness determines the color difference of each product, and the color difference is controlled within 50-60um.

● Impact on product efficacy: The dye has already been dyed and has a color retention effect during dyeing. Please control the dosage reasonably.

Storage follows the basic requirements for general chemicals: shading, dry and ventilated, avoiding light, and sealed storage.

If color difference or a large amount of oil stains are found, please immediately rinse with clean water. Has formed traces or heavy colors of clothing.

Cotton swabs need to be washed regularly, and grinding tools need to be cleaned for several days before they can be cleaned, otherwise it will affect the feel and can be wiped off with a towel.

Determine the object to be wrapped, and then apply an appropriate amount of paint based on factors such as viscosity, tension, and thixotropy.




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