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Classification of silicone fluid storage shelves

Classification of silicone fluid storage shelves, product names of adhesives, integrity, and integrity. What are the national special industries for engineering plastics in 2011?

Organosilicon defoamer manufacturer: Organosilicon defoamer product name: mainly composed of organic silicon raw materials, with active molecules present within the molecules and no silicon element. This manufacturer is preferred.

In 2010, the first domestic investment and construction project produced 1.1 million tons of silicone defoamer and 300 tons of silicone lotion with an annual output of 2000 tons and an annual output value of 2 billion yuan.

Silicone defoamer, also known as particle defoamer, is a chemical substance that lies between liquid and solid. Its chemical composition is generally linear polymethylsiloxane. The upper surface established at the end of the molecule will generate hydroxyl groups, making them insoluble in both liquids and solids and other substances. Due to its unique structure, the surface design of organosilicon defoamers may completely disappear due to the surface tension of water, and may form a transparent film layer. Each layer of the film will cover the surface of the product, providing clear air and a hydrophobic feeling.

Many applications of organosilicon defoamers do not require special printing techniques, so they have very wide applications. It can be applied in various fields such as automobiles, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, and food, as well as in furniture, healthcare, adhesives, building materials, fiberglass, papermaking, and other fields.

The application fields of industrial silicone defoamers mainly include low-carbon alcohols, mineral oils, silicone defoamers, and even silicone resins, such as sulfur, amidopropyl trimethoxysilane, polyether modified silicone defoamers, polyether defoamers, and silicone defoamers; There are also organosilicon defoamers, such as polyether modified silicone defoamers, organosilicon defoamers, and polyether defoamers, all of which have advantages and disadvantages in terms of performance indicators.

● Quality indicators prove that the performance is better than the standard color, which is more vivid and safe; Improved odor, high coloring intensity, light aging resistance, and resistance to color light;

● Product application field: Various coatings and inks have excellent compatibility and resistance to color and light;

● Suitable for construction, scraping, pasting, and the use of horizontal adhesive backing;

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