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Highly concerned about the development of silicone fluid industry

Pay close attention to the current situation and selection of the development of the silicone fluid industry, as well as benefit cases, and give speeches.

Additive silicone is a silicone product. Nickname silicone miscellaneous block, it is an additive silicone produced and produced. The main raw material of silicone is calcium aluminate, which is produced by adding complex adsorption particles such as silica, white carbon black, and silicone oil to materials such as colorants and silicone wheels, and modifying high-quality production materials. Its advantages lie in the fact that silicone materials have advantages such as aging resistance, softness, compressibility, resilience, hydrophobicity, and excellent insulation.

Silicone product is non-conductive, and its structural formula is as follows: conductive silica gel bottom conductive silica gel base sealing silica gel double-sided vulcanized silica gel foam plastic special silicone tube sealing silica gel strip.

The product structure of silicone itself can form non-standard silicone accessories, using glass fiber reinforced polymers or solid waste glass fiber reinforced plastics to solve thermal cycling problems. The TP0 line speed is generally -60m/min and can be wrapped with a coating. IGBT is a self-developed silicone strip, with a longitudinal design that can rival traditional silicone. Therefore, the IGBT silicone strip product is novel and durable.

IGBT silicone gasket can be said to be a type of silicone product, but its compatibility is lacking. It can be designed as a silicone product in both the longitudinal and transverse directions, and can maintain excellent thermal conductivity at room temperature without inflation to a sealed state. It is a silicone product that can be produced in the automotive industry and aerospace fields after being mixed with air. By integrating silicone products with air in the automotive industry and medical field, high thermal conductivity photovoltaics and intelligent orientation can be produced.

In 2021, manufacturers of IGBT and thin film products in the LED lighting industry were selected. The selection of IGBT silicone gaskets, although the mainstream silicone gaskets have higher quality than IGBT, their weight is far from enough. I estimate that the cost of IGBT silicone gaskets is the silicone products used in the domestic market, as there are currently no products sold in the industry, and the market has a new business scope and new demand. Although the cost of silicone gaskets has increased and the naming has also increased, IGBT still has alternatives.

Today, products are being upgraded, and more and more details require more attention from people. For LED lighting solutions, we are committed to creating a greener and safer environment for people.

The selection of silicone gaskets, more and more people nowadays prefer to use silicone gaskets, enjoy bonding decoration, and also hope that silicone gaskets have the above performance.

Due to the elasticity of silicone gaskets and their service life, reasonable selection of raw materials ensures the quality of product use.

The application range of silicone gaskets is becoming more and more extensive, and people's understanding of materials is also increasing. However, for the performance, scope of use, and convenience of maintenance of silicone gaskets, ceramic tiles are often applied outside. However, sometimes it is felt that silicone gasket products are not elastic enough, and the use method must be clean.

MSD2021R high-frequency silicone gasket is a highly efficient, high-strength, self-leveling, high bending resistance, soft, elastic, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and other advantages of a self silicone smooth coating that meets environmental standards.




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