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What are the costs involved in exporting silicone fluids

What are the costs involved in exporting silicone fluids? Find nourishing silicone silicone silicone baking tray silicone type silicone baking tray silicone - A top and bottom silicone coated adhesive, high-temperature resistant silicone liquid silicone mold silicone special silicone.

Silicone is bonded to PP and metal, and PP is reinforced with half of SBS to reinforce the silicone bonding surface. It is formed by copolymerization of silicone and EPDM rubber.

Good softness, long-lasting water immersion resistance, can be used under high temperature conditions, and is widely used in silicone products that require anti-static properties.

Food grade silicone, non-toxic and odorless, insoluble in water, with stable chemical properties

Excellent extrudability, high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, and good electrical insulation performance.

Excellent extrudability, long-term usability, stable operation within the range of -60 ° C to 250 ° C;

After mixing at room temperature, the adhesive can be stored for a long time, but it can quickly solidify under heating conditions, which is particularly beneficial for the use of automatic production lines.

After the high-quality silicone mold is flat formed, the adhesive can be removed. If you need to remove one with better performance, please contact the relevant research institute and place it in a cool place. The temperature resistance will provide a useful operating method.

Check if the silicone mold is intact and has not expired. If there is an expiration date. Please clean the marks on the mold.

The shelf life of unused molds that have expired is 24 months, and they have expired.

The mixture of silicone and curing agent also needs to have a certain color adjustment to ensure full mixing of silicone and curing agent.

The method of release agent does not require mixing and is selected based on the production site conditions.

When stirring, please try to use ordinary release agents as much as possible to prevent sedimentation, catalysis, or precipitation during crosslinking vulcanization caused by release agents.

The static storage of the mold does not waste and does not affect the beautiful appearance of the silicone mold. The dosage is very easy to decrease to a large extent, but it does not affect the mold of the product< Eod>.




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