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Hydroxyl Silicone Emulsion BL-E537

[INCI/CTFA] Dimethiconol (and) TEA Dodecylbenzensesulfonate
Equivalent Brand: DC 1785


Hydroxyl Silicone Emulsion BL-E537

[INCI/CTFA] Dimethiconol (and) TEA-Dodecylbenzensesulfonate

Equivalent Brand: DC 1785

BL-E537 is a kind of anionic emulsion of high-molecular-weight hydroxyl silicone oil, which can be used as the hair care conditioning agent to the shampoos. It can obviously improve the softness and moisturization of the hair, also can enhance glossiness and touch texture of hair, with good dry-wet combing properties and foam stability. It is convenient to use in formulations.

Technical Index

Item Standard
Appearance Milky white liquid
Solid content, %, w/w  (120℃, 2h)57-63
pH value (pH Universal Paper)   6-8
Centrifugal stability, ml, (2500 rpm ×15 min) No visible delamination 


* With high-viscosity hydroxyl silicone oil as the inner phase

* Anionic O/W emulsion

* No effect to foam stability



* Provide excellent long lasting softening,  fresh and velvet touch feeling for the hair

* Excellent conditioning agent of 2 in 1 shampoo

* Improve wet-dry combing and softness to hair


BL-E537 is an ideal ingredient for 2-in-1 shampoo and other hair care products.


In order to achieve the better dispersing effect in the formula processing, it is strongly recommended to add BL-E537 at the last step. The operating temperature should lower than 40℃.

The recommended dosage ranges from 1-4% of the total amount of the Formulation.



The product is supplied in 50kg plastic pails. Samples are available upon request in bottles.



This product is non-dangerous product, it must be stored in cool and shade place (the ideal storage temperature ranges from 1-35℃). Prevent from the exposure of the sun and rain, acids, alkalis and other impurities.